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September 11, 2002  -  Eastern United States

Background Information / Description:

Information from Rense.com:

This photograph (along with several others of the same object) was submitted with detailed information from the photographer, who choses to remain anonymous to the general public. The photos were taken in the Eastern US. There are no signs whatsoever of digital manipulation or tampering. Note the similarities of this object with some of the Anthony Woods UFO photos from Bedhampton, England. Note: Images have been down-sized and compressed due to extreme load on the server. This leaves behind some jpeg compression artifacts not present in the originals we received. See the enlargements from the originals which show no pixelation.

According to the witness:

I work in a relatively urban area, and I walked outside today (Sept 11th 2002) to shoot some stills of clouds around the parking lot, for a website. I used a digital 8 camcorder, with smartcard for still pictures. I shot on the first shot, something pretty damned odd, but I didnt see it in the camera first, I saw it after the first shot. I then followed what appeared to be a *very* silver chromed object for about 30-40 seconds. I got only stills, despite it being shot on a digital 8 cam. I had just got done filming my son's black belt testing in Tae Kwon Do, and had removed the tape...go figure, when I could *really* use it. I relied on the smart media card to get as many as possible. I have 6.

The object darted about with unbelieveable speed, stopped, darted, stopped, etc. I at first glance, believed it to be a mylar balloon, until it stopped and remained still, then shot to the left away from me, then towards me and down, and eventually off to my right. I truly tried to remain calm and collected, telling myself to get reference foreground objects in the shots. I got a couple, but I had to keep one eye open to see it at times. One shot shows it coming towards me and up, and altho I didnt plan to, I caught it partially behind a lightpost. Had it come any closer I would have called to the guard desk inside to see it, but just as I thought of doing so, it slid away, at a speed I dont care to calculate.


The witness discussing this specific photograph:

Here is shot one. It could not have been higher than a airplane you'd see on any day. I was not zoomed in at all. I didnt catch sight of it in my viewfinder (like I said, I was shooting clouds) After this shot, I dropped my camera, and looked at the preview window. As I went back up to shoot, there it was. To be honest in a couple of these shots, I could not see it very clearly, it was very shiny, and I guess it took on a lot of the sky color. I shot some with both eyes open. In this shot it was not moving. The edges are from the UV and haze filters on the camera, which I was using the weekend before. Unfortunately they show up on the still cam, but not the video.

(Thanks to Rense.com)

Source / Credit: Rense.com Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 224 ID: 224

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