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March 4, 2005  -  Westwego, Louisiana, USA

Background Information / Description:

"New Orleans Triangle Pic

Here is the story with it, sorry, dont have any other photo's.

My co-worker’s 13-year old son was in his back yard in Westwego, LA, taking a picture of the sunset on 04 Mar 05. When he downloaded his pictures to his computer he noticed a spot in the top center of the photo (first photo). When you enlarge the area you see a triangle with lights on each tip (second photo). If you look even closer, you can see a black dot to the right and above the triangle (close-up of this in third photo). Westwego is directly across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.

Maybe Art’s visitors got tired of the great southwest and decided to visit the “City That Care Forgot”. With a parade almost every week and all of the unique and colorful people in the French Quarter, an alien, no mater what he looks like could mingle with the crowds unnoticed and fit right in.

--Don C."

Source / Credit: Don C. / Aliens-UFOs.com

Photograph ID: 419 ID: 419

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