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May, 2006  -  Baghdad, Iraq

Background Information / Description:

UFO Sighting Photographed in Baghdad

A spectacular photograph of a UFO hovering over military activity in Baghdad has surfaced on the internet today.

Photographs of this quality are rare among UFO photographs, but in this particular shot you can clearly see a disc shaped, metallic object. Upon closer inspection of the image, it appears that there has been no manipulation.

The photo was taken by a US soldier during May of 2006 along Route Jackson in southern Baghdad. Apparently at the time of taking the photo, he was completely unaware of the metallic, disc shaped object hovering above. He is now AWOL from the military, and his whereabouts are unknown.

posted on March 12, 2007

[UFOEvidence.org editor's note: No original source is given for this photograph]

Source / Credit: Credit: ufosightings.ca Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 424 ID: 424

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