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UFO Researcher : Kevin Randle

Kevin Randle

Kevin D. Randle is a former Army helicopter pilot and Air Force intelligence officer who has been writing about the UFO phenomenon for more than twenty-five years. He has written or co-written numerous books on the subject, including UFO Crash at Roswell, The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell, and A History of UFO Crashes, and has made numerous appearances on television and radio, including Good Morning America Sunday, the Larry King UFO special, and Unsolved Mysteries. Randle currently hosts his own radio program, The Randle Report, dealing with many kinds of mysterious phenomena, including UFOs.

Randle is a full time writer who has published more than 100 books of fiction and nonfiction. He is a former Army helicopter pilot and Air Force intelligence officer who has four college degrees including a Ph.D in Psychology.

Randle began studying UFOs while still a teenager and his interest in the subject has not flagged. He has traveled the United States for more than thirty years, interviewing witnesses, investigating sightings, and searching for the answers that have eluded so many.

Randle is considered one of the top UFO investigators and his research into the Roswell UFO crash helped bring that sighting into prominence. He has written more than fifteen books about UFOs including "A History of UFO Crashes," "Conspiracy of Silence," "Project Blue Book - Exposed," "Faces of the Visitors," "Spaceships of the Visitors," and the highly controversial "The Abduction Enigma" which offers some terrestrial explanations for the reports of alien abduction.


Kevin D. Randle, Captain, U.S.A.F.R., is the author of Project Moondust, Conspiracy of Silence, and A History of UFO Crashes, and the co-author of UFO Crash at Roswell and The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell.A Captain in the United States Air Force Reserve, he is considered the foremost expert on the Roswell incident, and is well known as a serious researcher of extraterrestrial phenomena. Captain Randle makes his home in lowa.


Kevin D. Randle is a professional writer who, for more than twenty years, has been studying the UFO phenomenon. Training by the Army as a helicopter pilot, and by the Air Force as an intelligence officer, provides Randle with a unique insight into the operations of the military, their investigations of UFOs, and into a phenomenon that has puzzled people since the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting in June 1947.

During his investigations, Randle has travelled the United States to interview hundreds of witnesses who were involved in everything from the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947, to the repeated radar sightings of UFOs over Washington, D.C. in 1952, to the latest of the abduction cases. Randle was among the first journalists to have the opportunity to review the files of the Air Force's UFO study, Project Blue Book when they were declassified in 1976. As a writer, Randle has produced more than 80 books on a variety of topics. Is there anything you would like to add Kevin or are you ready for the first question?




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