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UFO Sighting Report


July, 1, 2009


Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Large light in night sky morphs into large triangular shaped craft over head, then launches orb.

Date Reported:

12/6/2010 7:41:52 PM

Sighting Time: 

12:10 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



50 - 60 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Rounded triangle with Red light, best match a guitar pic.

Size of Object(s)

Seemed to be very large, much larger then anything I have every seen fly, possibly as big as a small town (hard to believe) but that's what it seems.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Clear open view city location, school area.

Full Description & Details

On the night of June 30th 2009 or morning of July 1 (12:10AM) (Kingston Ontario, 44.2 lat., -76.5 long) myself and my mate were walking our dogs at 12:00 midnight to 12:10. Always being interested in the sky and keeping an eye open this night was perfect, clear sky's the moon just partly lit in the south west sky, when I noticed a glint in the southern sky at about 10 o'clock position looking West.

I have seen lots of sat's give up there location to the setting sun glowing brightly and then going out. I watched this to see where it was going and how long it would last. It then got bigger and I figured I was looking at a plane headlight, but then it got longer so I asked my mate, what do you think of this light. She quickly looked up and we both watched as it got brighter and larger, looked like an hour glass on fire to me, how far off, no idea but it seemed a great distance, then after about 15 seconds it went out, just sort of a grey outline in the sky, so I thought wow that was some light show. It must be huge to look that bright down here and still be seen as an outline (looked to me like a bus flying through space, from where I stood) I thought, space station but it travels West to East I thought not South to North, I did assume thats what I must be seeing.. Just like a fuzzy outline very far away.

Then I noticed that there was a red light on the object. I thought, what in orbit would have a red light on it that I could see from here? Then I noticed the red light was moving. It traveled a circular pattern as it it was mounted on the outside and was going around something. The object could not be seen, it was as if it was invisible, but the red light gave it away, It took about 5 seconds for the light to do one revolution (counter clockwise), I watched 3, 4 revolutions as the object was directly over head moving towards the North. No sound, nothing, just then I noticed, it was glowing on the top, I could not see the top but the air above it was lite up like the color of a sunset, pink, orange, red, I mentioned, look it's glowing at the back on top, just then a small orb came off of the larger object, this orb looked like an ember from a hot fire, about the size of planet Venus in the summer sky when its at its brightest and largest, and just as bright. It made several loops behind the object (like an ember in the wind) but I watched the larger object due to the fact that if you took your eye away you could probably not locate it again, the object continued to the north with the light rotating.

The Red light was the red of a tail light in a car or a jet (as I think back it was rectangular,as it did rotate I could see it from different directions, with an angle almost like a guide), how fast would it have to have been going to go from sunlight to over my head in 25 seconds, then to the north and back out of sight in another 35 seconds? The circular path the light took was very large, I would say that if you held out a 5 inch disk at arms length it's about the size of the light path when the object was overhead. The whole event lasted about 50 seconds or so. I have never seen anything like this and I am in my 45th year here on Earth. I will try to get my mate to submit what she saw.

Never stop looking up you never know what you'll see ! James in Kingston.

The light was rectangular as I think back, tapered out. Like a wave guide more then a light with a lens.

\ \

\ \

\ \__

\ ____|

No Vapor trail, the sky is very dark and void of stars in the area it passed overhead so it was not easy to see any outline from my eyes anyways.

My mate insists that the light was fixed and it was a triangle that was going in a clockwise direction, which made the light look like it was rotating on an axis to me.

She also thought it had a textured surface, something my eyes didnt pick up over head, but id when it was high in the sky just after going dim the first time. Both agree that it was not anything conventional, I can say that without any doubt.

As I think back, it was as if I witnessed a craft enter the atmosphere, slow down and take up a horizontal flight path, began searching for something, once located it sent the orb.

From there who knows, due North is all I know at 12:00 -12:10 AM June 30 or July 1 as it was 12:10 aprox.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

So far no explanation and when I think about I wonder why we saw it. The Universe is even stranger and more diverse then anyone could ever imagine. Does someone have large (very large) guitar pic shaped craft? I wonder how far back these sightings go?

Witness Background

I am an electronics technician, mostly repair but also conception and design of electronic modules. I have always been into RC cars boats planes , rockets or course, what a blast. Mostly just work now. Just out walking the dogs that night, very normal, if i was alone I would still question what I saw with my own eyes.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I would tell my Nephew if there were things flying around we would know by now, all the cameras and surveillance, radar and satellites, not possible that we wouldn't know.

Other Comments

I think they hide on the edge of light and dark, in plain sight. Any reports before the 80s would be of interest. Have a great day! James

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