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UFO Sighting Report


February, 1988


Roswell, New Mexico, United States


Date Reported:

12/8/2010 1:43:18 PM



Full Description & Details

To Whom It May Concern:

My Name is Steven Arthur Hayes (Capt. US Army); I am a former Battery Commander of a U.S. Army Reserve unit from Roswell New Mexico. I have seen physical evidence of the Alien crash landing in Roswell along with Top Secret documents from the US. Military proving it actually happened. At the time of my service in Roswell there were some overlooked, hand-me-down items from the U.S. Air Force investigation that ended up in our Top Secret facility safe, which I saw, handled and can confirm its Alien nature.

There is a reason New Mexico and Ohio are the only states with air defense military units and I am ready to talk about what I have seen. I have attempted to tell this story several times over the years, but was never contacted by any researchers. So here is your chance to contact me for the full story.

Steve Hayes

Witness Background

Sahayes73@yahoo.com 1419 Bellevue Way Ne #E Bellevue, WA 98004 Tel. 425-455-0195 (H) 425-204-3094

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