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UFO Sighting Report


December, 28, 2010


Auburn and Westboro, Massachusetts, United States


Please see Full Description, below.

Date Reported:

12/29/2010 9:57:22 AM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



10-15 minutes

Full Description & Details

1. I was driving home west to east on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

2. The first object was very bright, slightly off to the left of me at about 10o'clock high.( Auburn, MA). The second and third objects were also very bright but had a twinkling appearance at first.

3. First object - I thought it was a plane with it's approach lights on. The second and third objects were not seen for another 10 minutes or so after the first. I was still getting my thoughts together about the first object when the second two appeared to my left, about 9 o'clock horizontally and 10 o'clock vertically.

4. First object - was right in my line of sight so I get an eye on it ( I was travelling at 70 MPH in traffic so I couldn't stop or listen for sounds. Second and third objects - really got my attention, as they initially looked the same as the first one. These seemed to appear suddenly, but they may have moved rapidly from behind me to the left. After watching the first object for 2-3 minutes and trying to recall exactly what I saw, when these other two appeared, I observed them much more closely, as closely as you can when your are driving at highway speeds.Interestingly, when the second two objects appeared, i saw a lot of brake lights go on around me so I think there was a multiple group of people, including truck drivers, who saw these last two objects.

5. Object 1 - First appeared in front of me, about 10 O'Clock high. Initially, I thought it was a plane with approach lights, however the object was not moving, or if it was, it was very slowly moving. I was approaching the Auburn 140 exit, and within 5 miles I had driven right under the object. I could make out two white lights, side by side, no wing lights ( starboard / port red and white ) and nothing blinking. Where the object should have had some type of shape, there was a misty, cloudy mass. You could see a trail emanating from the lights ( this could have been mist or fog). The best way to describe what this looked like was as if you looked at the afterburner of a twin engine fighter jet, however these were definitely white lights, not exhaust flames). I drove right under the object and lost it once it was behind me. I did not see much if any movement.

5. Object 2 and 3 - This was the most detailed. I was trying to put my thoughts together on the first object and was approaching I 495 eastbound when I caught a very similar light to my left. I then noticed there were two objects, both glittering brightly and moving north to south, about 9-10 o'clock high on the horizon in front of me. The cars in front of me started to tap their brakes, so I had to watch the road as I watched the objects. These objects did move, Object 1 fairly fast for what seemd to be 1-15 seconds unti, it was right over I90. When the object was about 11 o'clok in front of me, the bright glittering stopped and I could make out red and white lights, and I saw strobing. My first thought was airplane, but as i got closer ( again, the object slowed way down to where I drove right under it), I could make out a triangular or circular pattern. The center of the object had that blurry/misty appearance, so you couldn't see an actual shape in the darkness. What made this object so strange was that the strobing was coming from the white lights; the red lights were not blinking. The white lights had a pattern of 1-2, half second, 1-2, half second. I could see a bluish haze in the middle of this light array as I drove under it. I lost it as I passed under. The third object was the most active, but also the least viewed. As I was watching object 2, Object 3 remained "glittery" and was at 9-10 o'clock vertically. It moved rapidly from my left to about 2 clock to my right off in the distance and then just hovered there for what I estimate to be 2-3 minutes, then moved off to the south. I did not overtake this object, but it did look the same from a distance with object 2 until object 2's "glitter" stopped and the shape and red/white lights were observed.

I am an ex-Navy airdale, so I'm somewhat familiar with aircraft and helicopters. I wish I could have pulled over to observe these objects from a stationary position and listened for engine noise. What was most striking was the slowness / lack of movement / lack of standard running lights / north south direction ( Logan was east of the sightings)and the clarity of the lights and the misty looking area where you would normally see the outline of an aircraft. If they were aircraft, they would have to have been helicopters based on the changing speeds and my ability to overtake them in a car, however, the lighting patterns and lack of a hard shape just doesn't add up. Hopefully someone else will be reporting this to you so you can compare notes. I have drawn the objects so I don't forget them with time.

Witness Background

I am a marketing manager

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have been a believer that there may be man made or extraterrestrial objects in our skies. I am also an ex Navy airdale, so i am familiar with what's in the skies. This was my first encounter observing something that I could not identify as fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

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