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UFO Sighting Report




Groom Lake, Nevada,


Little grey men- "Noids"

Date Reported:

1/6/2011 10:13:14 AM



Full Description & Details

Hello, I am an RN and I work in the hospice field. Last year I took care of a 75 year old cancer patient. He was completely lucid, not on medication, and presented as being very concrete and linear in his thinking...kind of an Archie Bunker blue collar type of guy. He told me that he was a pipe fitter at Groom Lake in the 60's and 70's..flew into work each day on the unmarked planes, etc. I asked him if he ever saw anything strange there (I was actually refering to aircraft like the SR-71)He told me no since his work party was always under guard and was always escorted while on the site. He did tell me that once they were being moved from from building to building along a sidewalk when all of a sudden they saw approaching them "4 or 5 little grey men and two soldiers escorting them" He said the soldiers starting screaming at his group "What the hell are you guys doing out here?!...face away!... turn around! etc." His escort soldiers began shoving them bodily against a wall so that there backs were turned to the on coming group. They shouted at the men "don't look!! don't f*cking look!!!" He told me that of course he tried to look out of the corner of his eye and he said that the men appeared to be about 3 1/2 to 4 ft tall had large heads, skinny limbs and walked with a very funny hopping/skipping gait...which he actually imitated for me. After they passed his group taken into a building, a major came in and read the riot act to them about signing that secrecy document and possible prosecution, etc., but the major never actually mentioned the incident He just "put the fear of god into us". I asked him what he thought they were and his only answer was "little grey men" I asked if he thought they were aliens, his reply was " Look, all I can tell you is that they were little grey men, I don't know what the hell they were." He told me that he pretty much forgot about the incident until about 6 months later he heard alarms going off and some fellow workmen(not in his party) were quickly shoved into his building to get them off the sidewalks outside. He said one of the guys said"They are probably moving the Noids again." "Noids?" He said. "Yes, humanoids, noids for short...you know, those things you guys saw last year...I've seen them twice myself, weird huh?" My patient never would speculate about what they were and only told his wife who thought it was funny(she was a sort of old school Edith Bunker type, lol). He seemed VERY credible and would never have mentioned the event to me if I had pushed him into recalling his past experiences ( this is a common practice in hospice care called life-review, it can be therapeutic for patients to talk about their past). Anyway, I thought you guys would really get a kick out of that story...crazy stuff huh?

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