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UFO Sighting Report


November, 2010


Katy, Texas, United States


Light that seems to be aircraft.But is just a ball of light. Yet no noise. Ball of Light grows to tree line,still round then appears to explodes with no noise. Or appears and seems to bounce in sky to disappear?Scares me and dogs,horses run.

Date Reported:

10/26/2011 8:47:19 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 


Appearance / Description of Object(s)

White Ball of light.Moves slowly until its ready to leave. Leaves 3 different ways. Settles into treeline, explodes, or bounces into sky backwards.

Size of Object(s)

cant judge

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

cant judge

Description of Area / Surroundings

Farm.Surrounded by treeline, but past trees are homes, so not like a forest, or someplace this could hide.

Full Description & Details

My family owns a farm. Ive lived there on and off. The last time I lived there was in November of last year. I was actually packing and leaving but still had the majority of my things there.

It was about 10:00 pm and everyone had left. I drove my jeep over to my sisters. I had to tell her something, or give her something, I dont remember........I got back in my car and turned it around to go back to where the horses a stabled about 1/8 a mile. When I was crossing the pasture, I saw what appear to be a helicopters light in the tree line ( I cant tell you how big as I have never been able to judge the size or height of aircraft etc.) I can tell you that the objects light, or what I thought was the light was filling the area of about 15 45year old trees a mile away. So... large. The Ball of light was headed toward me and I thought helicopter. Only there was no sound and the light was to big and to close to not have a sound attached. I stopped my jeep and got out. Kinda like the movies I didnt even think about what it was, I just thought turn off the jeep. get out listen figure it out, its got to be nothing. It settled into the tree line and then disappears. A huge ball of light just disappears into the trees...????/??

Ok, so Im scared as hell and get back into my jeep. I go back to my sisters,I walk into her house and Im like OMG, I just say a huge light in the trees. She's tired she dismisses it. She says maybe someone got a helicopter. I say yeah....... I dont really want to leave but I had to get some sleep. I drive across and realize just how big, and think about how quiet it was, I settle on No Way. And just hope its a one time deal. Or even better Im mistaken.

Fast forward. 4 days.Once again everyone is gone. Im talking about going from 20 people there, to just me, Im tired. not thinking about the light, First time in 3nights Im not looking directly at the sky searching.I have my German Shepard, and my small dog on leashes. I walk them out the barn and glance up a the sky but not in the searching way, just the aware of the sky way.... I see a light in the distance, but just a plane....(right?) . Im tired want my dogs to poo and want to go to bed. I have a couple of curious horses to my right, Im facing the West treeline(.Last time I was facing South.)I look up and what I thought was a plane, has no noise and no correct lights, nothing blinking green or red and definately not a plane . Its the ball of light again!!!! Crap. Only this time the light doesnt come as close but again settles into the tree line, but before it disappears. Explodes into a white light that lights up the entire tree line. I know what I saw because when it explodes the horse jump and run,4 of them at once. No sound. The light is that bright! All the animals on the farm have a weird feeling, kinda the same as me. Just like what the......???????? I go inside.

I tell my sister she was wrong about the helicopter. I ask her if a transformer blows up if it makes a noise. She says yes. I say well there was nothing. And the scarey part of this whole story is that I read nothing anywhere about anyone else seeing this, I thought for sure that there would be something in the paper the next morning....but nothing.

Fast forward again, about 2 weeks. It is 8;15 at night, and Im sure of it because Im talking to a girl on a horse, and Im in the areana, my sister is in front of me when I turn to look at her with her background being Southwest.All of a sudden The light is in the sky coming down and when I notice it and say OH my God, before the girl on the horse or my sister can turn around and look up it has like bounced in the sky and disapeared to the South. I had witnesses, and neither of them saw a thing. They both kept asking me what? and I was so upset that they had missed it ........I mean I sounded like I was insane.

I havent seen anything since. I look for it. But somehow I think it will only pop up when Im not expecting it....I know that sounds weird. But everytime I had seen it I wasnt waiting for it?

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

no not at all, I wish!

Witness Background

Riding instructor, I work on a busy farm with tons of horses.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I had seen something as a kid, that hoovered above me and my friend at about age 8. Im 39 now

Other Comments

I would love to know if there is anyone else that saw this. I feel like a crazy person when I tell this story!

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Reported To: 

just my sister

Your Location: 

Katy Texas



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