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UFO Sighting Report


November, 2, 2010


El Centro, California, United States


Huge dark and totally silent triangle air vehicle flew over my house!!!!!

Date Reported:

11/3/2011 3:20:07 PM

Sighting Time: 

11:07 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



4 - 5 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Triangle, dark black/gray?. TOTALLY SILENT. One round light at each tip.

Size of Object(s)

Larger than a personal plane/smaller than a jet?

Description of Area / Surroundings

Neighborhood area. Near main city park. City street lights ON. Flew over 700 block of Desert Gardens Drive, in El Centro, CA 92243. Heading WEST. Had to have flown over 8th Street and Ross Avenue intersection. Cars going by.

Full Description & Details

On this evening, November 2, 2010 at 11:07 PM I was standing at the WEST side of our house (between our house and neighbor's house) looking up at the sky and ready to say a prayer for my sister as she had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (low level Thank God). I was facing west, looking up at the sky when all of the sudden, no more than 30 - 40 feet to my right, and no more than 80 - 90 feet high, a large, dark and TOTALLY SILENT TRAINGLE flew by quickly. So much to say: When I say this, I was in TOTAL shock. I COULD believe what I saw going over my house, me, little no body in a "small town" America!!! I was in shock, I was in dis-belief of what "shouldn't be" --- a huge air craft flying no higher than the palm trees in this neighborhood. I was petrified, I was elated. I ran inside like an ant who just lost its bit of crumbs..I felt it urgent to call SOMEONE, the police?!* the local military airbase (but who/what # there???). I thought this air craft needed to be reported BECAUSE it's trajectory, if it continued on it, would certainly taken it directly over the Seeley, Calif military airbase there. The craft was dark with one round light at each tip/no lights in center. The lights were not casting light downward. They appeared to be illuminated, much like florescent lights that are on, but not shinning a light downward. As long as I live, I will never forget what I saw. The object flew past quickly, westward going. Because the roof of my neighbor's house, I saw the object go by overhead, but unable to see it moving off and away. P.S. Lots of UFO traffic coming from south (Mexico) traveling north-bound.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! This thing flew LOW, almost directly over my house!!!!!!!!

Witness Background

55 Years old. Female. Professional. Duties: Document auditor, compliance, safety, economic research.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I am practical, and try to use logic and reasoning for living. I guess I have to say my life was interruped early on by UFOs. When my parents and us children arrived in Morgan Hill Calif to work at a strawberry fields, one night our parents RAN hysterically in the house, screaming and screaming that they had just seen a "round plate" directly over the trees, with beautiful lights all around. Parents in panic. Later in life, my dad camped in an area by the CA/Mex border, south of Mexicali, dad used to return greatly disturbed as he regularly witnessed hundreds at a time, UFO flying northbound. Dad used to see them. I had another TRUELY astounding eye witness later in life.

Other Comments

Most EXTRAORDINARY EVENT IN MY LIFE/SUMMARY: Years ago, (can't remember year) I was standing at the corner of 8th street and Vine Street here in El Centro: I was quietly contemplating the beginning of a new year (?), what will it bring, what will happen? Etc Etc. Looking south (El Centro = 20 miles away from the Calexico, CA/Mexicali, Mex border) I saw this VERY BRIGHT WHITE object coming from the south sky northward towards El Centro. This object caught my attention because of how bright white is was shinning (not from within, but from the shine of the sun ?) The closer it got, the more bizarre it looked. As this object was coming near the east sky I was facing, I saw it was moving ever SO GENTLE, like a kite moving one tip down, then it's other tip down, VERY GENTLY!!!!! THEN I turned and looked to the left (northward) and saw a pcargo plane passenger?/commercial? HEADING EASTWARD. So here I am standing alone, early in the AM, looking at this BOOMERANG SHAPED bright oject flying NORTH, and a plance flying EAST. To my horror, I clearly saw that the seemingly very slow moving north-bound boomerang and the east-bound plane (PLEASE use your hands to simulate movement) were going to crash...I was about to see a mid-air collision! What I saw I will NEVER forget: The boomerang and the plane met at the SAME spot, but the boomerang flew DIRECTLY over the front tip of the plane first and under it and OVER IT AGAIN... like a wrapping motion!!!!!! This thing still flew around the tip of the moving plane ever so CALMLY!!!! When it finished flying around the moving plane, it started moving south again, but more on a south west route. i kept my eye on it, until I lost sight of it on the southwest horizon. I could not believe what I had just seen. THEN, about two hours later my phone rang. I was washing dishes at the sink, feeling like I had just been violated somehow. It was my mother on the phone, she was calling from nearly 4 hours away from here, working as a nanny for a Dr. & his wife. He was screamingover and over "honey, quess what I just saw here (Laguna Nigel?)!!!!!!! I QUICKLY stopped my mother from telling me what she had just seen, I told her WAIT, let ME tell YOU what you just saw. I told her what I had seen, that it was a shinny boomerange, flying and rocking GENTLY side to side. When I told her this, there was COMPLETE silence on the phone. We were both in true shock. She said she also was in her kitchen looking out the window. I believe the house sat on a hill and the ocean was down below and away. My mother said she saw a HUGE triangle fly from south to north. That it was moving ever so slowly. Mom said it was as long/big as a football field. She and I NEVER forgot. We talked about it, but almost with a sense of real concern and worry. What are the odds that daughter and mother saw the SAME THING, and we were miles/hours away!!! My mom has now passed. I need to find out the date of when this happened, and the address/where she was working. To my death bed, I KNOW what I saw!!

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Can't remember the website, I was a nervous wreck!!



Your Location: 

El Centro, CA 92243



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