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UFO Sighting Report


May, 1975


Valdez, Alaska, United States


Departed the 'Totem' after breakfast on a very quiet and very peaceful early spring morning. We turned right out of the restaurant frontside parking lot to proceed on a Sunday drive. We only drove 200 to 250 feet when both my friend and I saw this

Date Reported:

11/30/2011 6:24:41 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



- one minute

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

We were + - 125 - 150 away at the closest. It was opaque and bubblegum colored with that shiny sort of gossamer sugar appearance.

Size of Object(s)

see above

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

We did not see it move at any time.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Squarely on the edge of Valdez, Alaska ...... a town of 5 - 6,000 during the time of TAPS construction. ( Trans-Alaska Pipeline )

Full Description & Details

Departed the 'Totem' restaurant after a nice breakfast on a very quiet and very peaceful early spring morning. We made a right-hand turn out of the restaurant frontside parking lot.

There was no destination, this was going to be a Sunday drive.

The lack of traffic and community activity on such a beautiful morning was conspicuous. We only were just picking up speed and had gone only 250 - 300 feet when we saw it off to our right. My lifelong friend and I were completely absorbed in this scene for which we had no heretofore reference. Personally, I was very aware that my adrenaline was pulsing through me and aware too that it was interfering with my ability to study, comprehensively, what I was observing. I then purposely prompted myself to observe selectively so that WHAT I remembered would be committed to memory with more dependable accuracy. Instead of trying to scan the whole scene I began at the top of the craft and moved slowly down and over it. First, those observations that are irreconcilable:

* The craft was manufactured ...... period.

* coloration was bubblegum . . . after having been chewed for only about one minute, ( when it still has lots of sugar content and when a bubble is blown it has that sugar sheen appearance to it. There were no rivets or any other evidence of supporting construction.

* Around the center of this craft was what only APPEARED to be, and for the sake of illustration, I will describe as being a plasticized lab type of hose. This hose looked like that clear pliable stuff approximately one half an inch in diameter. Within this "hose" were lights travelling + - five feet apart. They were circulating within the hose travelling at + - 10 feet per second. As the lights travelled the "hose" appeared to enlarge to accomodate the lights and then the hose would immediately contract as the light proceeded onward. This particular phenomenon, I concluded, MAY have been simply wrong, looking like it expanded and contracted because of the brightness of the pinpoints of light as they circulated around.

* There was a ramp that was lowered to the ground, + - 4 x 9 feet. I wasted time trying to focus on seeing anything observable within but it was just too dark from the shadow of the craft itself and the angle was too severe from which we were viewing it.

The above is with miniscule doubt. Further, there are a few things I THINK that I saw, however, these things are SO unusual that I find myself in a constant reanalysis and have talked myself into "most probably saw". I most probaboy saw this: two gray-green humanoidal individuals in busy and hurried activity around the ramp. One of them, at first not noticed, popped itself up about 70 - 80 feet distant. I was used to seeing these "guys" on television and they were spot on, so I wasn't so taken aback. "It" looked highly concerned. This impression had no legs other than my own experience with humans and other species on terra firma. "He" had a countenance that said he was not going to any party. ( Bazaar, to say the least. )

During ALL of this time during the sighting I never stopped the pickup truck I was driving. I continually slowed, so I estimate MY total exposure time to the events at less than one minute and, probably, more than half of a minute. My buddy, Bentley, saw it for another 10 or 15 seconds craning his neck as I drove around that wide sweeping corner that brings traffic out of the town of Valdez. ( For point of reference that corner goes around to the left.)

Now, after going out of sight, ( travelling slowly so that Mike could absorb more of whatever he was focusing on ), I sped up and looked over at Mike. I asked him twice before he answered me, "Mike, did you see what I just saw". He was as though he were totally absorbed in thought and appeared quite struck by the whole scene that had just surprised us. He blurted, "You F_____ right I did." I said, "Do ya think we should go back"? "NO", was his immediate response. MY immediate response was to turn the truck around and head back to the scene.

I estimate that I had been out of sight of said craft for less than one minute, probably 30 - 45 seconds. It was gone. I can NOT put THAT into ANY sort or kind of perspective. That sonofagun was between 25 - 40 feet in diameter and about 7 feet tall. Personally, I believe it was between 25 - 30 feet in diameter. Mike was telling my wife about it a year or two later and mentioned he estimated the diameter at 35 to 40 feet. So I always stretch it to include Mike's estimation. I can not in any way make myself accept that the craft was even 35 feet in diameter. Mike earned great grades while we were in high school and graduated with 'honors' from Northern Michigan University. He deserves being considered. He was no fly-by-night. Sadly, Mike just passed away two and a half months ago on a Moose hunting trip. He would be of no help to this endeavour because, afterwards, he was reluctant to talk about it. After 5 or six years passed he'd no longer discuss it with me at all.

When we returned to the spot where we should have been as close as we could be from the highway there was absolutely no sign of it. I opened the door and stood on the truck threshold to gain more height 'cause I just could not accept the fact it had simply vanished ---- 'cause NOTHING can move that fast! I searched the clear blue sky. I scanned the surface of the plot of land it was sitting on and nothing. I even scanned the waters edge and no wake or roil where it might have slipped in and then under the surface. Nothing.

I don't recall how long ago, ( maybe I have it in my "sent" category in my e-mail account ), but I sent an account to MUFON - Alaska. I don't know if you'd like to view it but feel free to contact them to read same. Should you need an official permission I shall certainly provide it.

Thank You, Leslie J. Winters, 906-298-0004

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

see above

Witness Background

I'm retired. I attended Lake Superior State University. Three years in U.S.Army, ( '65 - '68, payroll ). Arrived in Valdez, AK in April '74. Worked as Laborer local #341 and 16 years at the Marine Terminal tech 1 - 5, Lead Operator, Relief Supervisor, and Single Point of Contact ( for construction projects ). 8 years with Anchorage Sand & Gravel

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I wondered before. Actually, I still wonder. Perhaps, even a lot more now.

Other Comments

It was a long time ago. Much has changed in the surface area where Mike and I saw this thing. I went to Google Earth and there has been a road and much fill put in there. It appears as though the fill may have been put over the scene.

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East Jordan, MI. 49727 USA



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