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UFO Sighting Report


November, 1971


Bradenton, Florida, United States


I encountered Dementional being, portal ?

Date Reported:

7/12/2005 1:59:17 PM

Sighting Time: 

5:00 p.m.



No. of Witnesses: 



about 1 1/2 hr.

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 

Semi rural

Size of Object(s)

Humanoid over 6'

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

five feet, it was 2' off ground

Shape of Object(s)

200 lb. over 6' man

Color of Object(s):

bluish grey

Full Description & Details

I was a police officer with the city of bradenton, Fla. and after shift change was on way home, and as often stopped near inland waterway, to set and relax.

it just about dark, and as I approached the usual spot, there was a kind of mechanical buzzing sound in the air. and as I walked forward, I saw what looked like air on a hot highway, that is, it moved and shimmered. but in a local area and not that around it. perhaps like a vortex, on its side. the closer I got, it seemed to have the sound inside my head, or brain rather than on the ear. and then a form began to become visable, about nearly two feet off the ground. it was human like, in that there were two arms and legs. and a torso and head, but, in some form of suit, like space suit. blueish black, or lead colored, with helmet. and a face plate, glass like.

a voice in "English", well ? sound that i heard internally in my language, english. asked. why do humans have war ?

I thought, and questioned what I just heard. but, thought I would answer, and spoke, "Greed"? and the form went on to ask about the use and need for currency. and about Atomic power and weapons. and such. and as I continued to listen and answer, the form became more clear, or visable, like it was before me, like a regular person would appear. and clearer voice, with less static or fuzz sound. I could barely see inside the helmet, and there was a face, just visable, rather human like. could not see ears, but frontal aspects. eyes, small mouth, skinney nose rather normal foarhead and cheeks. but blueish grey, but may have been some filter effect of face sheild.

after what seemed like minutes, it faded back into vortex, or shimmering round area in air. the entire time the thing was about two feet off the ground.

it did seem to me that after the first few questions, others were being asked in my mind without my being aware of the words, and at way high speed. kind of a scan, of high speed questions ?

however, with conscience aspect, more than the feeling of the others. after questions on atomics. it stated I will be back, and contact you. well its been decades since, without contact, and I have returned to the spot over the years, about every ten or so. without result.

The only thing I might call a residual result is, that I have visions of technical drawings of lensatic craft and systems that power them, and plasma based weapons systems. or advanced flying devices and advanced electric or plasma based projection devices, as best I can describe them. kind of a pain in the (|) as it interupts dreams, or come to me when most tired.

OH, told this in past, and have had the story altered to fit some ones humor, or make it look rather dumb, or me stupid. I dont have squat to prove, and dont give a rats, what anyone thinks, they can just bite me !

but, did want others to know such encounters do happen, and did to me.

Well good luck to all whom may have had same, or such.

Jerald Meiers, now of North Dakota and went on to work in Metro, State, Police agencies. and with Federal agencies in Law Enforcment. with no adverse effect to career. other than to be told "Shut-Up" dont tell anyone, as may effect job, as to testamony, or reports being questioned, so I did so for a long time. J.L.Meiers

Witness Background

now 56 yrs, former Metro, and State Police officer, worked with varied Federal agencies, have background in Mechanical, & Civil engineering, advanced math, and Computer sciences, (Hardware) and some Software apps. Military Vet. Love outdoors, fishing hiking and hunting, however take more Pics' than game. amature geologist, and pre-historic geological structured. Got girl friend, not looking, :-)

Other Comments

Cell, please dont call, use e-mail. or write. hate the price of cell rates !

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

shift commander next day


Jerald Meiers

Your Location: 

Ross, Nirth Dakota U.S.A.



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