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UFO Sighting Report


April, 13, 1971


near hermissio sonora mehico, Mexico


I witnessed an incredible ufo siting in Mexico. Iwas on vacation in sonora, mexico. One night a brillant electric blue ufo flew right by the window of the motel where we were staying!

Date Reported:

6/9/2006 11:03:58 PM

Sighting Time: 

9:30 pm



No. of Witnesses: 




Appearance / Description of Object(s)

This particular ufo had the classic disk shape, although it was more like 2 saucers put together. It was radiating an incredible beautiful electric blue neon glow over the entire craft. It just appeared "otherworldly" and so high tech. I was just spellbound by the erie looks of the craft.

Size of Object(s)

Fingers would be 3-5" apart. Approx 75' wide by 25' in height tapering off gradually to each edge. A marvel of engineering to be sure.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Bahia Kino; 7.5 mile beach area. Motel/ hotel area, wasn't as developed as much as it is now, so I'd have to say amost rural, except for beach road.

Full Description & Details

My family and I were staying at this motel/hotel on he beach in mexico. We had just arrived that day andwere very tired. They were sol out of cabins, so we knew the owners an they offered us the grocery stor that was under consruction a the time . My mom,dad and brother were all in the same room. We were laying down wiht the lights off. For some unknown reason I got up and looked out the only west window. It had no window in it yet. All of the suden, this ufo goesflying right by the winow parralel wiht the mountains, right behin he motel. As described in another area, it was descending in whatappeared tobe a landilng attempt. I was completely shocked to see this ufo, and didn't believe in them at the time. I immediately woke my brother up and told him what I'd seen.. We didn't wake my parents ,although they are open minded and would have believed me anyway. My brother andI jumped into my car and went lookng for the ufo. This was along time before Hopkins, Mack, and other authors had written about missing time and abductions, so we were totally oblivious to the dangers of stalking a ufo. We drove around for 10-20 min. and instinctively became quite scared at what would occur if we met up with the perpetrators of the glowng craft. Once, I pulled over an shut my lights off.and engine. to avoid being seen by the craft because it was pitch black outside and there was asolutely no one out there ; hman at least to help us if we became embroiled in a confrontation. We did not observe the craft landed or flying and returned to the motel. We told myparents what had occured and they believed me. It was an incredible experience and completely changed my opinion of govements, scientists,air force, etc. that have lied and covered up all ufo data since at least 1947 and before. People are led to believe that they are "seeing things", when a certain pecetage ofthese sightings are completely legit and 100% true! You don"t choose these sightings; they just happen to you. People that hace these experiences need understanding and support from their friends and families. I'm lucky I have such a wise family and friends that always believed me and supported me, because a lot of people wont when something like this happens.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Not possible by any reach of the imagination. This ufo was completely different than anything I've ever seen. No wings or rudders/elevators etc. Ive seen lots of aircraft and it was not remotely like an aircraft or natural object or cloud.

Witness Background

Worked/owned a const.b usiness for 20 years. Went to college/am bilingual/have a working knowledge of physics, astronomy, chemistry,math,etc. Distance and perception are used daily in construction trades, so estimates could be accurate.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

i, like many people did not believe in ufos before the siting. You have been told all of your life from a variety of scourses that ufos cant and don't exist. When you experience a real ufo , there is no denying it. you immediately realize that you have been liedto and deceived all of your life by acarfully planned and executed ruse by top officials . Why? What"s the real reason? You wont trust them ever again.

Other Comments

Please keep an open mind when reading these ufo reports. Amajority of them are reported by normal everyday persons like myself. They are just asb affled asyou are reading them

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Your Location: 

Aluquerque, New Mexico



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