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CNN interview with O'Hare UFO witness 'Joe' (airplane mechanic) (transcript)

Source: CNN, Jan 5, 2007


Summary: CNN's Gary Tuchman talked to one of the airport workers about what he says he saw.

CNN's Gary Tuchman talked to one of the airport workers about
what he says he saw.


Gary Tuchman, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Flights come to
Chicago's O'Hare Airport from all over the world. But do they
come from other worlds?

(on camera) You don't believe this was possibly your

'Joe', Airplane Mechanic: It was definitely not my imagination.

Tuchman (voice-over): Joe is a mechanic for United Airlines.
While taxing a jumbo jet to the hangar, he and another

'Joe': Looked out the window in the general direction and
noticed an object up in the sky, dark gray object, sitting above
the terminal complex.

Tuchman: Joe, which is not his real name, is one of several
airport workers, some of whom have talked to the "Chicago
Tribune", who said they saw a saucer-shaped UFO hovering just
beneath the clouds at the airport.

He's the first to go on camera to talk about it since this
happened several weeks ago. He wants to remain anonymous.

(on camera) But you're sure it was some kind of object that
normally would not be above O'Hare Airport?

'Joe': I've been at O'Hare for quite some time. And let's just
say that I've never seen an object in my time that looked like
this. And I'll tell you definitely it was not an airplane as we
know it.

Tuchman: But it could be an airplane as another world knows it?

'Joe': Possibly.

Tuchman (voice-over): We brought in one of Chicago's top sketch

'Joe': Followed the contours of the object.

Tuchman: ... to listen to Joe and draw a picture of what he says
he saw.

'Joe': More like an oval, dark gray oval.

Tuchman: Because no photos have surfaced, and Joe doesn't know
of any.

(on camera): It didn't say "Goodyear" on it, did it?

'Joe': No "Goodyear," no.

That's a really good drawing.

Tuchman: That's what it looks like?

'Joe': Very much so, yes.

Tuchman (voice-over): Other witnesses told an organization
called the National UFO Reporting Center that the object
eventually shot straight up in the sky at a great rate of speed.

'Joe': It looked like literally someone had poked a hole in the
clouds, just a round hole.

Tuchman: Joe thinks the disk is either a stealthy military
project or a spacecraft from another planet. But... 'Joe': I
find it very strange or very peculiar that somebody who
possesses the technology to travel between star systems would
sit over an airport in Chicago.

Tuchman: Hard to argue that.

A spokesperson for United Airlines says, "We are aware of what
the employees said they saw, but this is not something United
would investigate." Talk to the FAA, says the airline.

The TSA and the Chicago Department of Aviation also told us to
talk to the FAA. So we did. And an FAA spokesperson told us,
"We, too, don't have the power to investigate." The FAA adds
that radar did not pick up anything out of the ordinary and the
sighting might have been caused by a weather phenomenon.

(on camera) You don't believe it was a weather phenomenon?

'Joe': Not at all. Not for a minute.

Tuchman (voice-over): O'Hare has apparently been UFO free since
that November afternoon, although Joe now tends to pay special
attention to that same patch of airport sky.

Gary Tuchman, CNN, Chicago.

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