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Report from another witness about the O'Hare UFO sighting

Source: abovetopsecret.com forums


Summary: Report from a witness, United Airlines employee, describing the sighting.

Pt 1:

Okay. Im not good at chat, but here goes.

I work for United like you guessed by now.

We were ferrying a load of late bags for a 727 to F12 or 14, I don't remember now, when I saw what I thought was a widebody running off course out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up there it was just siting there, a gray shiny thing pretty high up, more than 1000 feet.

At first we thought it was really far away, because it was hard to focus on it, but it shifted left and right a couple times and thats when we knew it wasn't too far away. I looked up at the 727 cockpit and pointed to it then the crew saw it and was staring at it too. The pilot got on his radio and waving his arms like he was going nuts over what he was seeing. We figured it was a fat disc, like a M & M, about 20 feet wide but it was really hard to tell for sure because it was almost the same color as the clouds and if you looked away it was hard to find it and focus again. One of our crew ran to his locker to get his cellphone to take a picture.

It hung there moving really slightly from side to side for about another minute when we all felt our hair stand on end, and it just shot straight up into the clouds faster than anything we ever seen. It disturbed the clouds, like it made a big shockwave and we could see sunlight for a bit. We never got a picture but I don't think it would have come out very good anyway.

We could see a few other rats staring up at the hole and everyone was talking about it for a few days. Then the sups came and talked to all of us that we cant talk about this to anyone or we'd get fired. They said something about federal regulations and unauthorized reporting of false airspace breeches.

Last week, the sups came down again and reminded everyone about the regulations. Thats what made me think theres more to the story so I started searching online. I play pool with a buddy who told me about this website chat room so here I am.

I always thought people who believe in aliens were crazy but I don't know what that thing was. We see lots of aircraft come in even the fancy stuff that stays in the air when the President lands, but this thing was like nothing none of us ever saw.


Pt. 2

The clouds were normal low ceiling overcast so I don't know how thick. From where we were, we couldn't see directly up the hold the thing made but there was definately sunlight inside the hold so it went all the way through the clouds. And yes it looked like the hole was made by the thing as it went up.

I'm pretty sure the sup's words were unauthorized reporting of false airspace breech but it might be something slightly different. But it was we knew they want us to treat the thing as some freak weather and not a UFO.

I don't think there is a risk if you say they can't trace me here.

When our hair stood on end I'm certain it was just a couple seconds before it took off into the clouds like there was some build up of something. It felt like the static electricity of pulling off a sweater.

I don't think there are any pictures since none of us carry anything like a camera with us but a few people now are. We all talk about it almost every day and if there were pictures it would help us because the people that didn't see it are getting pissed and think we're all crazy.

Two other rats from C thought the thing flew away to the east but most of us saw it go straight up. The boss from C thinks this might mean there were maybe two different things or the same thing showing up two different times. I'll find those guys and ask them today.


Pt. 3

I don't think the thing was directly over C at least it didn't look that way to us. I've never been in the tower so I don't know if there is a way to look up but I think it would be hard to see the thing from the tower but I can't say for sure.

No one wants to talk about this so I don't think anyone is going to say anything. I havent even told anyone I'm chatting here.

I now know what you guys are talking about with disclosure. I never knew anything about UFO stuff until now. I can say that when we talk about it that it's a mixed bag where some people think it's aliens and others think it's a secret craft of our own.

What are you talking about with an IP address? I'm not so sharp with this stuff, my hobby is woodworking not computers.

If I report this to the www.mufon.com or www.nuforc.org people will I need to give them my name and personal info? If so I won't do it.

That picture you posted is not from where we saw it, and the weather is wrong.

We were concerned about the airspace breech too. Some of us are getting angry with this being hushed up with all the terrorism and TSA idiots hanging around. If we see a funny looking bag all damn hell breaks loose but park a funny silver thing a few hundred feet above a busy airport and everyone tries to hush it up. It just dont make sense.

We all think it was too small for a space ship too and thats why some of them think its something we made. Like one of those radio control drones they use in Iraq.

You say that youd tell your boss to screw it if he told you not to say anything but hell I got kids and rats are rats because theres not much else we're qualified to do and the pay is pretty good for a luggage tester. hah! But we do have a contract that says we can't discuss company secrets and anything our sups tell us is a secret and we think theyre trying to male sure we know they think this is a secret.

We think there should be an investigation so we can feel better about seeing what we saw. I want to know why funny looking bags are more important than strange objects in the sky.

No one we know has any photo.

You guys were chatting a lot between youselfs so I think I got all your questions. I'll check in again in the morning. Thanks it feels better being able to tell someone about this.

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