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Listing of Australian Crash Retrieval Stories

Australasian Ufologist

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Summary: Stories of UFO crashes form a persistent part of the UFO controversy. Whether they contribute ultimately to UFO folklore or fact will be a matter for history. With the prominence given to the Roswell saga I have put this report together to encourage feedback on this colourful area.

Stories of UFO crashes form a persistent part of the UFO controversy. Whether they contribute ultimately to UFO folklore or fact will be a matter for history. With the prominence given to the Roswell saga I have put this report together to encourage feedback on this colourful area. Such stories deserve careful attention, if only to put them to rest. If only one turns out to be substantial then we have a very extraordinary situation. However I should caution none of them constitute proof of anything.

Listing of Australian Crash Retrieval Stories

1. 1955 Eucla, SA (dubious alien photo and alleged crash debri).

2. 1955 near Nowra, NSW (Noel Martin's 1982 "UFO Recovery" saga).

3. 1959 Butterworth RAAF Malaysia (letter writer to RAAF refers to plane destruction and debri from destroyed UFO).

4. 1966 Balwyn/Westall, Victoria (classic CE2 incident with possible UFO "in difficulty" rumours).

5. 1966-80 - Greenbank, Queensland ("Alien Honeycomb" saga).

6. 1972 Croydon, NW Qld, "crash" (meteorite? plus odd newspaper classified ad: "Magnificent obsession fruition. Tiger special duties all under objects. Will report as arranged. Loyal and true. Sky Blue World President. UFO. Immediate.)"

7. 1972-73 - Edmonton area, North Qld ("catwoman" affair - "girlie's home").

8. 1976 - Nowra/Robertson ", NSW, crash" (spurious).

9. 1979 - Banka Banka, Northern Territory, ex RAAF files re "crash", burnt area & ash only found.

10. 1980 - Lismore, NSW "UFO crash" (dubious, possible newspaper fabrication).

11. 1983 - Coen, Qld - probable. meteorite (letter to editor alleging retrieval operation involved)

12. 1970s - Mt. Isa artifact found by farmer - usual alloy mixture, studied by Qld metallurgist, Paul Brixius.

13. before 1985 - story re 12 to 14 "craft" held at a secure hangar style facility. Most usual in appearance ("Star Wars" like appearance). Only some had been open. Various personnel seconded to work on these craft. They were reportedly very frightened about working on the objects. Occupants recovered, apparently numerous types, but source best familiar with 2 human looking males (internal organs allegedly different).

14. Source allegedly saw cover page and introductory page to document describing Australian operation called either operation or project A - which referred to "modules" and "aliens" being ready for transfer to an Australian facility, allegedly the same as in item.

15. TV media group allegedly at same site as per item 13 allegedly "wandered" into hangar area and saw "saucer" object. They were caught and allegedly sworn to secrecy.

16. 1972/73, near Nowra, alleged "retrieval" attempt just out to sea during same night as extraordinary CE event.

17. Alleged accounts of possibly 3 UFO crashes in Australia including one in which one alien was still alive.

18. Information about an operation devoted to retrievals and an alleged "inner cell" intent on "contact" using individuals with history of UFO encounters. Note Deyo's antecdote re "some decoded US Defence Department traffic...from nuclear test monitoring network headquartered in Washington and code named the "Shake Lady" ... In the middle of this traffic was a response to a UFO enquiry made by a mobile unit in Western Australia. The response was a reprimand for making such requests without the required "Level 7" security clearance over such a relatively open communications link..."

19. Abductee "recollects" onboard episode which allegedly involved craft crashing in Tolga swamp in Qld.

20. 1979, Esperance, WA "crash" event (with DSTI/JIO SECRET "BOLIDE FILE" reference to "special access" channels undertaking a prompt and wide search.
21. Several Pine Gap antecdotes of UFOs such as hunting party observing a craft flying out of a concealed door, an abductee who alleges he went inside an underground site there witnessing craft, examinations and "alien liaison" activity, and a UFO researcher who claims he "astral travelled" to Pine Gap secret facility!

By way of an example case number 17 will now be described in some detail. It is an excellent example of the frustrations such case studies often present.
A Crash Retrieval in the Desert?

A source told me he knew of at least 3 separate UFO crashes in Australia. They were allegedly the focus of an operation devoted to retrievals of the objects and any beings present. Australian and US military teams intent on "contact" apparently used individuals with histories of UFO encounters to help identify possible event locations. My source claims these individuals apparently come from military ranks. One alleged incident was described in great detail.

My source describes the following extraordinary incident, in which he claims to have been a direct participant. I have not been able to verify this story due to concerns that any attempt to check his bonafides may draw unwanted attention to him - a frustrating or convenient Catch 22 depending on your point of view. While the details seem unbelievable, I have heard various elements of the story as features in other unrelated episodes. This does not validate the story but it makes it at least a fascinating yarn that may yet yield confirmatory details.

In about 1977 a UFO, first seen as a purple green "fireball", was observed to "crash" near the South Australia - Western Australia border, some distance north of the Eyre Highway. A retrieval team was on location within hours and confirmed the presence of a large damaged object, completely unlike any conventional aircraft. Smaller than a Boeing, it had something of a triangular appearance. There was charcoal coloured debri present.

The team quickly verified that two men had already entered the crashed UFO. One of them, indicating he was with the transport division of the Australian army, had emerged from the craft in a somewhat dazed condition. He stated that one of the UFO occupants was still alive. He was subjected to immediate decontamination procedures. The man's companion was apparently determined to be a US citizen. He was separated from the Australian and taken into custody.

Allegedly he was determined to be AWOL and was taken back to the US. The Australian army transport driver was subjected to standard interrogation procedures. He was returned to his vehicle and escorted to his destination and then relocated to Exmouth for two weeks of intensive interrogation and debriefing designed to ensure he was not a security threat to the operation. The retrieval group verified the presence of two beings inside the craft. One was deceased.

The other indicated signs of life uttering a slight squealing noise possibly indicative of being in pain. Both appeared to be pot bellied, with arms that seemed thinner and longer than normal. They were both about 4'6" to 5' in height. Their eyes appeared to be wider than normal and looked black. No ears or hair was noticed. My informant did not participate in the actual removal of the beings and craft but verified that the site was totally cleaned up leaving no evidence of any crash incident.

The retrieval operation was allegedly part of a joint US Australian operation to recover alien technology and lifeforms. Military personnel who had been assessed and determined to have a history of verified UFO sightings, were used in an "outer cell" operation to locate apparent sighting "hot spots". Once the site was verified as active the retrieval/contact team was sent in. Operations of this nature were alleged to have occurred in the Nullarbor area and near Marble Bar. My source claimed he was aware of 4 apparent UFO crash events.

My source insists that what he told me and an associate is true. A certain bitterness enters he recollections given what he claims to have gone through. There is much that I cannot describe because of concerns about his well being if the stories are true. He said to me, "You might think this shit, but it is true... All my stories would be verified." When I indicated that I would like to air these stories for the purpose of possible verification, and I indicated concern about possible repercussions for him, he had some misgivings.

He was concerned that there were things he had said that perhaps he should not have said, particularly to my associate who first heard his story in a non investigative setting. But then finally he concluded, "If they get wind of me, stiff shit!" This might be mere bravado or a nice flourish for a yarn spinner. Which is appropriate I cannot yet be certain. There was much in this story that troubles me.

Intriguing as this account is, it has not been confirmed. Some possible tantalising links have surfaced that may be connected. For example I have seen a JIO document originally classified secret that confirmed the Joint Intelligence Organisation maintained a secret document resource called the BOLIDE file. It seemed to be anchored to the premise that "UFOs" could involve the chance of retrieval of Soviet hardware and therefore contribute some useful intelligence.

It appeared that JIO had a "rapid intervention" capability as they had been able to institute prompt widespread ground searches in suspected "hardware" crashes. They did this through "special access" channels. This operation may be similar to US activity operating under the code name Project Moondust. Could this have been involved in the operation described by my source? Clearly further confirmatory information is required before any definite conclusions can be drawn.

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