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UFOs in Australia

articles & documents

A Catalogue of Australian and New Zealand Abduction and Potential Abuction Cases

Keith Basterfield, Oct 1997

A collection of abduction and possible abduction cases from Australia and New Zealand.

A Catalogue of Australian Physical Trace Cases

Compiled by Keith Basterfield

This catalogue brings together many of the (Australian) cases where traces have been placed in a UFO context-even if a UFO was not reported in association with the event.

A Catalogue of Australian UFO Entity and Humanoid Related Reports

Keith Basterfield, Australian Ufologist, 1998

This document integrates several previous works, and has been updated with cases reported as at 1st October 1997. It utilises the classification system outlined in 1976 by US researcher, David Webb, in ã1973-Year of the Humanoids.ä Webb currently maintains a computer listing of humanoid cases called HUMCAT.

A Catalogue of Australian Vehicle Interference Cases

Keith Basterfield

A particularly perplexing aspect of the UFO phenomenon is the sub-group of reports concerning effects on motor vehicles. This catalogue is intended to gather together, in summary form, those Australian cases which appear to fall in to the sub-group of interest. The search for cases involved the files of most Australian UFO research groups, books, Journals and magazine articles. However, where ever possible original investigation notes have been located and used.

Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible Ufo Connections

Bill Chalker

The legends and lore of the indigenous aborigines also provides material suggestive of interactions with anomalous aerial phenomena. Of course, in speculation about such data, it should be realised that the accounts are of historical and anthropological nature and therefore care should be taken not to interpolate too much into them.

Australian Catalogue of Aircraft Crew and Passengers UFO Observations

Compiled by Keith Basterfield

This catalogue collects, in one place, summaries of reported observations of UFOs, by aircraft crews, or passengers within or from Australia. It has been prepared by combing the files of Australian UFO research groups, their magazines and Journals.

Australian Military and Government Role in the UFO Controversy

Bill Chalker (1996)

An in-depth, multipart review of Australian military and government involvement in UFOs.

Australian UFO Physical Trace Cases - A Review

Bill Chalker

The physical trace phenomenon is an enduring aspect of the UFO mystery, having manifested for the entire duration of the modern era of the UFO controversy. And like the UFO phenomenon itself, it is global in its extent. This range of events appears to substantiate the contention that UFOs possess a physical dimension.

Australian UFO Research 2003 In Review

Diane Harrison, The Australian UFO Research Network

Australian UFO Research Networkers are to be congratulated for their contributions to Australian ufology throughout 2003. 2003 was a year filled with exciting new ufological ventures and adventures. R

Australian Ufology

Bill Chalker

Australia has a rich history of organised interest in the UFO subject. This paper provides an overview and history of Australian ufology.

Catalogue of Australian Photographic UFO Reports

Keith Basterfield

One of the most intriguing aspects of the UFO phenomenon is the photographic evidence which has been put forward for its existence. Here in Australia we have had a wealth of photographs, films and videos put forward over the years. This catalogue brings together all the instances which have come to my attention, and is drawn from books, magazines, the files of various Australian UFO research organisation and the Spanish Anomaly Foundation.

Close Encounters of the Australian Kind

Keith Basterfield, UFO Research (NSW) UFO Reporter

Keith Basterfield, author of UFOs: the Image Hypothesis, investigated the Mundrabilla incident, and has recently provided an Australian perspective on UFO abductions.

Early Australia Historical Encounters

Bill Chalker, UFOIC (1997)

A selection of early Australian UFO reports has been included here. Most of the early accounts would probably have an explanation if more information was available. A number however seem to defy easy explanation.

Enquiries into Official Involvement with UFOs in Australia

In 1982 Bill Chalker was the first civilian researcher to gain direct access to the previously classified RAAF UFO files during several visits to the Canberra headquarters of the Directorate of Air Force Intelligence.

Focus on Australian UFO History

Bill Chalker

A document detailing a project devoted to the preservative of Australian UFO history. This part of a much wider programme.

Listing of Australian Crash Retrieval Stories

Australasian Ufologist

Stories of UFO crashes form a persistent part of the UFO controversy. Whether they contribute ultimately to UFO folklore or fact will be a matter for history. With the prominence given to the Roswell saga I have put this report together to encourage feedback on this colourful area.  R

Pine Gap Base: World Context (Area 51 of Australia)

Lucien Cometta (reprinted on UFO newsgroups)

Article on the top-secret Pine Gap Base in Australia. R

Southern Australian UFO Reports Listing

Compiled by Keith Basterfield

An extensive catalog of UFO reports from Southern Australia.

Study of Official Australian Government Involvement in UFO Controversy: A Progress Report

Bill Chalker

We have gone from a confused and vague picture of clandestine official Australian involvement to a detailed understanding based on directly officially sanctioned file reviews by a civilian researcher. R

The Abduction Phenomenon in Australia

Keith Basterfield, Vladimir Godic & Pony Godic

There has been an apparent lack of well-documented abduction cases in Australia. The authors therefore decided to review the situation on two fronts. First, they undertook an intensive examination of the Australian UFO literature. Second, they undertook to uncover any previously unreported cases. This article documents the authors' findings to date.

The UFO Conspiracy: The First Forty Years - Australian UFO Research

Excerpt from Jenny Randles, The UFO Conspiracy: The First Forty Years

Australia was once a place where prisoners were sent from Britain. Now it is a modern country proud of its open democratic style of government. It has a 'Freedom of Information' act, which the 'mother country' still lacks. Yet even before its introduction in 1982 it made a step towards coming clean on the UFO front. As everywhere else the southern continent has had its share of dramatic cases.

The Ultimate Secret - Fact or Fiction: The Australian Connection

Bill Chalker

The UFO "coverup" argument sustains an extraordinary controversy. At its heart is the quest for proof of the Ultimate Secret. The Ultimate Secret purports to be this: UFOs are real. They are extraterrestrial in origin. The extraterrestrials (or ETs) are already visiting us. Some of their craft have crashed and been retrieved into military custody. In some cases open contact has taken place, in a covert setting, a form of "alien liaison". This article expands on some material which appears in the book The OZ Files - the Australian UFO Story.

UFO Crash/Retrieval Stories: The Australian Experience

Bill Chalker, Australian Ufologist, 1997

Stories of UFO crashes form a persistent part of the UFO controversy. Whether they contribute ultimately to UFO folklore or fact will be a matter for history. With the prominence given to the Roswell saga I have put this report together to encourage feedback on this colourful area. Such stories deserve careful attention, if only to put them to rest. If only one turns out to be substantial then we have a very extraordinary situation. However I should caution none of them constitute proof of anything.

Western Australian UFO Sightings

Compiled by Brian Richards (2000)

A catalog of Western Australian UFO sightings.

websites & organizations

ACUFOS - Australian Center for UFO Studies

ACUFOS was established as The Centre for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in 1974 with links to CUFOS in the USA, particularly with respect to filtering and passing on UFO sightings reports. It later assumed a more independent position by adding 'Australian' to its name. ACUFOS has been dormant for the past decade and was reactivated in July of 2003. It is a voluntary association whose main objective is to engage in the study of all aspects of the UFO phenomenon that will provide us with a better understanding.

AUFORN Australian UFO Reports and Experiences

AUFORN / Robert Frola

Archive of the AUFORN Compiled Sighting Reports, from 1998 to present.

Australia and New Zealand UFO Groups Directory

ACUFOS - Australian Center for UFO Studies

Extensive listing of Australian and New Zealand UFO groups.

Australian UFO Research Digest

Australian UFO Research Network / Keith Basterfield, UFORA

Compilation of regularly-issued collections of Australian UFO sighting reports.

Australian UFO Research Network Archives

Representing UFO organizations and researchers throughout Australia.

Bill Chalker's The OZ Files

The website of leading Australian UFO researcher, Bill Chalker. Includes many key articles and documents.

Sighting Reports from Victorian U.F.O. Research Society (Australia)

VUFORS (Victorian UFO Research Society) - Australia

Sighting reports gathered by VUFORS are organised by the date of the sighting.

The Australasian Ufologist Magazine

The Australasian Ufologist Magazine explores fringe subjects such as UFOs, Unexplained Phenomena, the Paranormal, Crop Circles and New Sciences from Australia, New Zealand and overseas. The leading newstand UFO magazine in Australasia.

The OZ Files: UFO Sighting reports from Australasia


A collection of individual reports taken from the AUFORN mailing list.

UFO Map: Australia and New Zealand

Larry Hatch, U UFO Database

*U* has logged 634 ufo sightings for Australia and 191 in New Zealand. In Australia, the busiest years were 1954 (50), 1978 (44) and 1996 (38). Most 1996 reports came via the internet. The 1954 flap came in January, nine months before the French deluge.

UFO Research (NSW)

UFOR (NSW) aims to promote a greater understanding of the UFO phenomenon. To investigate and research UFOs with a developed, logical and structured approach.

UFO Research Queensland

Established in 1956 to receive, research and record sightings. Situated in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

UFO Research Queensland - Sightings Reports

UFO Research Queensland

The UFO Sightings contained in these pages were reported directly to UFO Research Queensland and generally pertain to sightings of anomalous objects in the Queensland and Northern New South Wales region and, to a lesser extent, other areas of Australia and the world.

UFO Roundup Articles: Australia

UFO Roundup / Joseph Trainor

Articles relating to UFOs in Australia from the UFO Roundup archives.


The OZ Files: The Australian UFO Story This book is a compedium of several dozen UFO sightings and incidents in Australia from 1788 to the 1990s. Each case is given 1-3 pages. (Glenn Campbell) Buy from Amazon Buy from Barnes & Noble more info...