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Australian UFO Research 2003 In Review

Diane Harrison, The Australian UFO Research Network

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Summary: Australian UFO Research Networkers are to be congratulated for their contributions to Australian ufology throughout 2003. 2003 was a year filled with exciting new ufological ventures and adventures.

From Diane Harrison
National Director - The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director

Australian UFO Research Networkers are to be congratulated for their contributions to Australian ufology throughout 2003.

2003 was a year filled with exciting new ufological ventures and adventures. In 2002 the AUFORN team alone set 10 reachable goals for 2003 and we have meet them all with the help of many people."well done team and thank you to all.

2003 was also an enormous year for UFO media coverage and I can safely say 2003 was the most proactive year to date. Many UFO groups and independent researchers contributed to this happening so please give yourself a big pat on the back.

AUFORN Goals were:

1. UFO data base to pin point UFO hot spots. (AUFORN has collated thousands of UFO sightings dating right back to the 50s to the present year 2003.)

This information is being placed on the AUFORN webpage for all to view. It was an enormous task AUFORN undertook but the results are now proving to be very exciting.

"Yes UFO hot spots are now being located throughout Australia and the net is slowly closing in.) Thank you to all that have contributed.

2 & 3 . More Public awareness of UFOs and ET contact experiences - meetings and presentations for 2003.

January: Phenomena UFO Exhibit on the Gold Coast. AUFORN spent 4 weeks at the exhibit on invitation of the organizers the media coverage of this million dollar exhibit was great and every TV channel & Newspapers wanted a piece of the action so Jan - Feb - Mar newspapers were buzzing with UFO stories.

April: UFOESA Sydney conference hosted by Peter Khoury was another great event. UFOESA presented new and interesting ET contact information. AUFORN was present and I did a lectured. UFOESA attracted quite a bit of media coverage. http://users.tpg.com.au/ufoesa/

April: On the same weekend UFO Society Western Sydney also held a conference they to presented new and interesting information. I must say this, UFO SWS has to be one of the most pro active groups in NSW. Their trip deep into the Blue Mountains in search of the alleged hidden valley UFO base has left many an armchair ufologist exhausted from just reading about the trip. "Well done UFOSWS great team work".

May: Glasshouse Mountain Crop Circle?. Who could forget the controversy surrounding Queenland's first alleged crop circle for 2003. The media had a great time tantalizing everyone's imagination with ET contact and UFO landing stories. However AUFORN sad as it was had to bring everyone back down to earth with their investigation findings. http://www.hypermax.net.au/~auforn/Crop_Circle.html

July: ACERN: Perth's Hidden Truths Conference hosted by Mary Rodwell attracted plenty of media - TV - Newspaper - Radio interviews and most if not all interviewers treated the topic with a great deal interest.

August: AUFORN - QUFON - AUFORN & QUFONs Scientific Metaphysical Symposium with international and national guests hosted by Diane Harrison and Glennys Mackay it to attracted plenty of media attention.

4. Investigative Training techniques & Evidence collecting: Refer to goal 1 and 9 . UFO Disclosure. AUFORN members agree Ufologists in Australia should treat cases which involve UFO abductions - physical trace cases as a crime and the scene as a crime scene and we agreed it was up to each of us to learn as much has we can about evidence collecting.

5. Sponsorship and Fund raising: We have to thank David Jones of New Dawn - Duncan Roads of Nexus - Robert Frola & Diane of - The Australasian UFOlogist and Hard Evidence magazines for all the support they have given UFO research over the past year. Their contributions to getting the word out has been very much appreciated "thank you guys".

6. Relationship building with other UFO organizations: This is something which is always being worked on and the AUFORN group is always happy to work with people and groups that share the shame goals. "Solving the UFO phenomenon and sharing of information".

7. More Government department relationship building: New South Wales Police department. A thank you to Doug Moffett our former NSW AUFORN director who worked hard at getting the National UFO Hotline telephone number into the NSW police Journal the May issues 2003 well done Doug. http://www.hypermax.net.au/~auforn/Hotline-page.html

8. The UFO Hotline has an new updated message bank.

9 -10. June: UFO Disclosure - A UFO Hard Evidence Case Book: The Australian UFO Research Network Disclosure Project - for short "Australian Disclosure Project" is well into its 5th month of data collection - analyses and dissemination of information.

AURA the (Australian UFO Research Association) the secretariat of the project is now well and truly set up and all are working very hard and doing a fabulous job. The project has an official column in the UFOlogist magazine called REVELATIONS this column will keep readers up to date with the "Disclosure Australia" Project. It is written by a member of the Adelaide based project secretariat, from the Australian UFO Research Association (AURA) Keith Basterfield.

This information is freely available on the Australian Disclosure Project webpage. http://disclosure.freewebpage.org/

Everyone should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

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2nd January 2003 It is with sadness, that I advise that I received a telephone call this morning to tell me that long standing Adelaide UFO researcher Jim Atwell had passed away yesterday.

Those who have been in the field for years will be aware that Jim had a long standing association with UFO Research (South Australia). Jim contributed much to the investigation and research of the subject in this state and will be sorely missed. Keith Basterfield

Radio & interviews 2003:

The Australian UFO community would like to thank Jeff Rense for his continual support of the Australian UFO subject. Jeff has been monumental in getting the word out about the Australian UFO subject through out the world and we hope to do many more UFO shows with him in 2004. Thanks Jeff. http://www.Rense.com

AUFORN would also like to say thank you to Strange days indeed's host Victor Viggiani for his contribution to the Australian UFO subject while on his stay in Australia. Thank you Victor

2UE Sydney NSW While some members of the radio industry poke fun at the UFO subject it came as a pleasant surprise in July to have 2UE Radio station Sydney, which might I add is noted for bagging anything which is out of the ordernary they actually gave AUFORN a fair go. 2UE presented Doug Moffett and myself as credible researchers trying to uncover the UFO mystery with no funny comments going to air.

We must also thank and congratulate ABC Radio stations from around Australian for presenting the UFO subject in such a positive manner for those that don't know the ABC is government funded. Thank you - Perth ABC - ABC Newcastle NSW - Southern Victoria ABC Gold Coast ABC Qld - Sunshine Coast ABC.

We at AUFORN have always said the attitude of the media will change if we as researchers continually steer away from bad reporting and poke fun reporters, I guess the word might finally be getting around.

Well, folks, I hope I didn't bore you to much with all the good news of 2003 and if you get a chance check out our webpage then you will see all the new and interesting information there are hours of interesting reading at http://www.hypermax.net.au/~auforn

Hi guys, I'm back

Regards, Diane Harrison

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director

(A Non-Profit Organization)

E-Mail: auforn@hypermax.net.au
E-mail: ufologist@hypermax.net.au

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