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John Lear - UFOs and Aliens

Edited by Branton

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: During the late 1980's and early 1990's, John Lear, a Lockheed L-1011 Captain and son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet, started coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.

During the late 1980's and early 1990's, John Lear, a Lockheed L-1011 Captain and son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet, started coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects. During his lecture at the 1989 MUFON conference in Las Vegas, titled 'UFO COVERUP, HISTORY AND CURRENT SITUATION' during which he spoke to an audience of over 400 of the nations leading UFOlogists, Lear made some startling comments.

One man who we will refer to extensively elsewhere claims to be a deep level intelligence operative within the U.S. Government who has access to some very sensitive and top secret information concerning the government's involvement with 'alien' studies. This individual, who refers to himself only as 'Commander X', made the following comments concerning John Lear and his possible intentions and motives for his outspokenness.

"...One can't help but be impressed with the name John Lear. After all, his father, William was the famous aviation pioneer who built the Lear Aircraft Company, which today holds down many defense contracts and employs thousands.

"Lear - the son - is also highly regarded in aviation circles, having flown a variety of over 150 test aircraft, and having won every award granted by the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Until a few years ago (early 1980's) John Lear had little or no interest in UFO's--he hadn't thought terribly much about the subject, which seemed 'way out' to him. Then he chanced to talk to a friend who had been stationed in England when a UFO touched down at a military complex there, and was seen by U.S. servicemen on duty--small creatures and all. Intrigued, Lear began asking around and found some of his former associates in the CIA--for whom he had flown a number of missions--willing to confirm that government leaders knew a great deal more about UFO's...then the public was being let on.

"Lear discovered to his utter amazement that the U.S. military actually possessed craft (ie. aerial craft of unknown origin - Branton), some of the vehicles were even in partially working order. Apparently, the Americans had initially gotten their hands on these... disk-shaped devices as far back as the late 1940's, upon recovery of a 'saucer' that the Nazi's had somehow captured during World War II. Apparently, some of the lethal 'death weapons' we subsequently developed were based on facets of this (recovered) technology.

"Furthermore, Lear believes that any number of flying discs 'fell' into our hands when they crashed in the southwest in the late 1940's and early 50's.

"Scattered around the various crash sites were the bodies of small humanoid beings, the EBE's. At least one alien was found still alive and he, along with his badly burned budies, were flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, home of the infamous 'Hanger 18'; this final destination, the so-called 'Blue Room', (is the one) which Senator Barry Goldwater has not even been permitted to penetrate.

"Lear's scenario also includes the suspicion that the government has made secret deals with the 'aliens', actually exchanging humans for advanced technological data. Supposedly, the government was to be provided with a list of those being abducted so they could maintain a vigil over them after their experience and make sure that they were not being harmed in any way. Unfortunately, the 'aliens' took advantage of the situation, taking away tens of thousands for God knows what purpose, and implanting small transmitters inside their brains (ie. of those who were fortunate enough to be abducted and RETURNED - Branton) which can be activated for some sinister 'mission' at some prearranged future moment...

"According to friend and foe alike, John Lear wears a variety of masks. Sometimes what he has to say lacks credibility, but just when you think you've caught him with his jump suit down, evidence pops up that what he has to say may not be so totally off the wall. For example, others with military connections have recently come forward to verify part of his amazing saga..."

(INPUT 002)

In late 1992, Art Bell of the CBC Radio Network (Phone #'s: 702-385-7213; 385-721; 383-8255) in it's "Talk Of The West - Coast To Coast AM", KDWN - Las Vegas, interviewed John Lear and Rod Madley. The following are highlights of the subjects discussed over the 6-hour interview period which ran well into the morning hours:

-- Lear, the 49 year old Jet Pilot holds 18 world speed records, including a speed record for round-the-world flight in the Lear Jet in 1966. He has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations.

-- He was initially 'turned on' to UFO research after Gen. Gordon Williams confirmed to him the landing of a 'grey' craft at Bentwaters AFB, England.

-- According to Robert Lazar, while working at Los Alamos, N.M., he learned that files in a restricted 'library' there revealed that PROJECT GRUDGE (Blue Book) was still in existence as of 1988, although it had supposedly closed down in 1949. Lazar was hired at S-4 with the help of long time friend Dr. Edward Teller, who referred him to EG&G. Bob's superiors stated that any revelations he made about UFO's could only be worded as 'his opinion', whereas DIRECT revelation would be a technical breach of his security clearance.

-- At one point John Lear and a group of investigators went out to view and video-tape the 'disks' which Bob Lazar had said could be seen test flying at a certain time and place. While on PUBLIC BLM LAND the group was chased by 10 Wackinhut 4x4 'Broncos' and apprehended. They demanded to see their identifications at (machine) gun point. They were later hassled for about an hour by the Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Dept.

-- Indian Springs, NV., is the headquarters for all security at the test site.

-- When his superiors learned that Lazar told Lear and others of the 'test flights', they took him in and with a gun to his head demanded to know why he did it.

-- Ron Madley, a 'Cadcam' (computer design) administrator for a Houston, TX., engineering company, refers to 'events 1-6' of NASA shuttle films taken aboard the space shuttle DISCOVERY and others, some of which were shown on national television in the Fall of 1992.

-- According to Madley, his father Carl knew several astronauts who stated that at EVERY SINGLE SPACE SHOT at Cape Canaveral (Kennedy) at least one UFO was seen by either ground personnel or the astronauts, at or just after the launch. This was confirmed by a Dr. Gary Henderson. Carl Madley was one of the first Lear Jet pilots, and experienced a UFO sighting which was witnessed by others wherein he intercepted a flying disk, which played 'cat and mouse' with him for several minutes. Afterward he was interviewed by (govt. agent) J. Allen Hyneck, who confirmed the UFO sightings by the U.S. astronauts.

-- Event 2-3 were the incidents that were broadcast publicly, and were only a small part of the entire file. The events were recorded by cameras mounted outside of shuttle, debunking the theory that the 'flashes' were a reflection from inside the cabin. The 'events' were named in the order they were found when the film was studied, not necessarily in chronological order. Event #1 was seen late one night by a computer engineer at the Goddard Space Flight Center. While looking at a live picture in the 'big screen' he saw, according to Madley, "several little flickering lights and a larger object pulsating towards the rear of the shuttle. The camera then panned down into the cargo bay and after several minutes of no motion [it] zoomed into an area of the UR satellite. The ground controller commented to the astronauts about Camera-D getting 'hot', and that they could either return control of the camera over to ground control or they could switch cameras. After a discussion ensued they finally got control of the cameras...they panned the cameras back and the objects were gone."

-- "Events 2-4 were filmed by a man in Maryland off of a down-link from NASA (as part of a College project). Event 2 is essentially a night scene over the earth that occurred on Sept. 16th (1992)... what you see as the lights on the planet at night are going around on islands and continents... you see several small white lights that appear on the screen. The main event that people see in this is an object that appears at the edge of the horizon and appears to almost track or follow the horizon as it goes up. After several seconds of this the object abruptly makes a right-hand turn, approximately a 45 degree angle... a very sharp turn. And then leaves the atmosphere apparently and goes out into space... this is the event most people have seen... nationally... then you see what appears to be one or two streak of laser-like objects coming from the bottom of the screen, up and towards this object and one other that's on the right hand side. These are fast-moving... streaks... moving much, much faster than any of the other objects in the view."

-- "Event #3 is interesting, it's a shot of the 'day' side of the earth from high orbit... it shows a multitude... probably a couple of dozen objects that are flying in all different directions across the screen. Everybody that I've shown this to, and I've had the opportunity over the past 5 months or so to show this... people working both at Johnson Space Center in Houston, I've shown it to people at Sandia, people at a couple of Air Force bases... and basically their comments to me are universal, these people don't know one another, and they'll explain: 'My God that looks like STAR WARS!' And I said 'the Defense Program or the movie?' and they say 'the movie!'"

-- "The interesting thing in event 3 we've found... is one of the larger objects... coming from the lower left to the upper right hand portion of the screen... as it gets about a third of the way up from the bottom there's one of these fast moving streaks that comes in from the right-hand side of the screen and intersects the path that this object is on, in fact it intersects it at the exact moment that it is in line with it, and you see what appears to be another 'piece' of either the first object or the second object break off and start travelling off into the lower right. If the object was hit this doesn't make any sense because the object should now be tumbling in the other direction but it isn't. This has led some of the people I've shown it to suggest that perhaps the object... ejected something... perhaps some sort of a defense maneuver. But it does appear that something has been hit and we've caught that on film." (Note: If the 'beam' weapons were part of the SDI 'Star Wars' program, one might wonder HOW the 'officials' were able to tell whether they were Hostile-Grey or Benevolent-Human occupants? Although the 'human' occupants encountered are at times less then friendly, they are by average far less threatening than the 'reptilian-grey' species. Just what is the present 'official' attitude on the Greys? HOPEFULLY this was not a case of elements in the one- world (Illuminati) government who have been 'taken over' by the grays, attacking a relatively 'benevolent' human group AS THEY HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO DO IN THE PAST. Whoever the 'good guys' or 'bad guys' are, 'us' or 'them', it is certain that a 'STAR WARS' is actually taking place 'out there' - Branton)

-- "Event #6... I went down in April to the Johnson Space Center," Ron Madley alleges, "the only branch of NASA that is keeping and recording all the missions. The public and the press have a building that they would go to at NASA for information... Fortunately I know that the film and all the photographs are not really kept in that building... the films are archived and kept by a PRIVATE corporation that has contracted out to NASA on-site and they're kept in another building at NASA.. Jim Oberg through his incompetence has been a real help here because it was HE who actually let me know which building it was that had all the material... I know the exact times and days of the sequences I needed... I was getting the runaround basically, so I thought well, the fastest way to do this... is cut out the middle men and go directly to the source... so at this building... where all the photo labs are, I essentially walked in and explained what the situation was... they proceeded to let me upstairs and into a secure room where this video was kept... I found the first 4 events with no problem at all, and they were pretty incredible, I was very impressed with the quality... event 5 was discovered and located by a man in Nebraska who was listening to his short-wave radio and heard one of the astronauts exclaim: 'WHAT'S THAT! WHAT IS THAT?'... In the segment of film... at the moment where this should have been there was a JUMP in the TIME CODE and a change in the picture... the total time was about 14 MINUTES that was gone... I've never seen that happen before... I had gone in fully believing NASA's explanation (i.e. that the objects were ice, debris or the firing of 'attitude adjusters')."

-- "Event 6... is a color shot over the earth in the daytime, and for 3 seconds we see an object go from left to right across the view... The object appears at first to rotate or flicker as it goes across... out of the 87 frames in which the object... should be there, there are 14 frames in which the object disappears completely... the object stops and starts at it travels through space, it is NOT a constant motion."

-- One man working at Sandia informed Madley that event No. 6 was an 'alien craft', based on the flight performance of UFOs which they had investigated. They showed him a film they possessed showing a similar object.

-- According to Lear, Bob Lazar stated that the alien craft could bend the 'fabric' of space and travel at speeds exceeding that of light. The theory stated that they could somehow 'lock on' to a distant point in space and through some gravimetric wave amplification 'bend' the space-time fabric and enter hyperspace, and essentially 'be' at the distant point which they had locked on to. The subspace travel would be instantaneous because of the zero-time factor, and the majority of the 'time' would consist of acceleration and deceleration of the craft.

-- Madley stated that he has a copy of a NASA document that refers to the date and times when the 'event-5' film was 'checked out' and studied by others. It stated that 4 U.S. Representatives, including a Dr. Pipps, studied the films on three occasions. On the first visit Dr. Pipps referred to it as the 'lightning' film. The second visit to the film library (also to check out the event-5 film) was, according to the document, in regards to a 'Congressional Inquiry', whereas the stated purpose of the third visit was written down as a 'UFO Congressional Inquiry'. Madley stated that a Helen Bentley, a U.S. representative from Maryland, was behind the inquiry. When Madley tried to contact her she was not at all cooperative, although she admitted her involvement when he pressed the issue and presented her with the evidence (letters signed by her, etc.).

-- Lear states that ONE of the reasons for the initial cover-up may have been due to the governments inability to provide an ENTIRE answer to the UFO question (the fear of opening up a 'Pandoras Box') and the economic, political and especially RELIGIOUS complications and questions that might arise as a result.

-- Some of the 'Element 115' in the government's possession is in Los Alamos and some is at the 'Test Site' according to Lear and Lazar.

-- Lear stated that some types of 'Greys' have 4 fingers with no thumb (some with and some without 'webbing'), some have 3 fingers, some six fingers. Some types of greys have no 'toes' but have 'sock-like' feet. 'Some' types have 'colorless' blood which does not carry oxygen and which does not contain 'cells' as we know them. This description came from a government surgeon known by Leonard Stringfield who performed 'autopsies' on alien cadavers.

-- Lear states that the 'greys' can manipulate a human soul (or astral form?), remove it from it's body and do all manner of 'experiments' on them (Note: Some abductees have in fact reported having had their spirit-astral forms 'jerked' from their physical bodies while inside alien craft by the greys, who were sometimes accompanied by shadow-like phantasmical or paraphysical beings - Branton).

-- The Dulce (pronounced Dul-see) base has been called "Section-4" by some of the individuals who have formerly worked there.

-- AIDS was intentionally engineered, and released through laced smallpox vaccines in Africa, and laced hepatitis vaccines in America, etc.

-- There were several firefights with alien craft and their (grey) occupants in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, many of them reliable incidents although hushed-up by the government, "...one that we have a lot of knowledge of is one that occurred in Cambodia, and what was frightening to our side [who were] fighting these [creatures] is in the disk... were parts of human beings, arms, legs, heads, that kind of stuff."

-- The host, Art Bell, mentioned an incident which was reported to him that allegedly involved a drilling project not far from the 'Test Site' and 'Area 51'... "and they got down 2000 feet plus, the story goes, and began to bring up human flesh, fresh flesh and bones..." (Note: this is not the only story of it's kind. One older account involved a drill bit that broke into 'empty space' somewhere in North America, exact area uncertain, and pulled up flesh and hair from what appeared to be a hairy animal or humanoid creature - Branton).

-- The 'Horrible Truth' became evident to the Government during the 'Dulce' incident, when our very top, TOP scientific staff were killed. Due to the former false views of the alien question which had been reinforced by the 'grays' themselves, the government had commissioned a guarded release of information concerning the seemingly non-threatening gray-aliens... that was BEFORE the so-called 'Dulce Wars' broke out. Because of the way information seeps down from the higher to the lower echelons they were unable to prevent Speilberg--and others who had been commissioned or inspired to make movies or documentaries about 'friendly' little aliens--from producing their warped version of the greys, the abductions, etc. Lear believes that the reason Linda M. Howe's project [involving MJ-12's release of information] came to a mysterious halt about the same time the 'Horrible Truth' or the 'Grand Deception' was discovered, was probably due of those revelations.

-- Lear referred to a video describing the whole Robert Lazar story and related information on the 'bases', etc., which is available from Tri-dad., 1324 S. Eastern., Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.

-- One of the technical 'marvels' that Bob Lazar allegedly saw at the test site was a generator the size of a small ice chest that put out a tremendous amount of energy (in the '100 megawatt' range).

-- There is one top-secret weapon the U.S. government has developed which is so devastating that there are 'certain alien groups' that are trying to suppress it.

-- One caller who allegedly held a 'Q' clearance confirmed--via a friend of his with an even higher 'Cosmo' clearance who worked at the Nevada Military Complex--that 'two' alien groups contacted the government. One was human-like and offered to help us with our spiritual-social development but refused to give the government technology - the government refused their offer; and the next was the 'Greys' which offered technology in exchange for the government keeping their existence secret from the public, etc. According to John Lear the second group turned out to be LIARS and did not deliver the technology [or installed it only in so-called 'joint' underground bases which THEY controlled. The main source of U.S. government technology apparently came from crashed disks (mostly 'grey'), some of which were blown out of the sky by the U.S. military].

-- Wickenberg, Arizona is an apparent site of an underground base, 'abduction' activity, etc. The government allegedly took control of a mine in the area some years ago.

-- Earlier in the century 1 in 40 citizens reportedly experienced 'abductions'. As of the early 1990's the figures are closer to 1 in 10, according to Lear.

-- There are 'tunnels' and base complexes that connect China Lake, California City, Norton AFB, Edwards AFB, Tonopah, Groom Lake, Nevada Test Site, Los Alamos, Dulce, Norad, Oklahoma and to the East. Lear spoke of a friend whose father was or is a hydraulic engineer on the tunnel digging machines which are 28 ft. in diameter.

-- Lear stated that he got within one week of interviewing a man who allegedly worked in the 'base' on Mars, before he 'disappeared'.

-- Reference to possible 'alien' influence behind the Trilateral Commission and the 'New World Order' as well as Adolph Hitler's Third Reich.

-- Reference to 'Casey & Associates' in Seattle, Wa., founded by an individual who was involved with several top 'government' programs, and his knowledge of the secret governments intended use of mass genocide as a means of population control.

-- There are apparently two types of entities which have gone by the name of 'THE ORANGE': 1) A human like type with (reddish) orange hair; and 2) a reptilian type.

-- One woman called in reference to an underground base at the Palloma Ranch 50 miles west of Phoenix (where she lived), which was located near the world's largest nuclear power plant. Much of the plant is underground and utilizes 'migrant' workers in underground installations. She allegedly heard that there was an underground connection between this facility and the 'La Palloma' ranch in California. She also referred to 'patients' at a hospital where she worked who spoke of 'people with lasers' that had chased them through several states, one of the patients was in a very bad condition, had a high temperature, etc. One being came into the unit in a long white coat trying to pass itself off as a doctor and talked to the woman and a fellow worker 'through telepathy' and 'told' them if they pursued it they 'would be dead.' Before 7 A.M. the two patients were removed from the hospital.

-- 3000 feet below the Test Site there is allegedly a huge cavern which can hold 25,000 combat troops, and 500 feet above that there is allegedly another area which can hold 500 officers. Many of the bases were excavated by 'clean' nuclear explosions.

-- Lear refers to evidence that intense conflict exists between at least two of the alien species (the two most common, the 'Nordics' and the 'Greys'?).

-- Attacks by the 'greys' on people while in the dream state, via electronic or radionic rays.

-- Reference to a 'lattice resonator' allegedly captured in an underground base in the Hartz mountains of Germany in 1945.

-- How the aliens use cold fusion in order to 'pack' the molecules into tight and seemingly impenetrable forms, as part of the construction of alien craft 'hulls'.

-- According to Bob Lazar the greys are 'terrified' of the human race, possibly explaining why they're so intent on hiding their true nature from the masses.

-- Reference to an underground base near Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

-- One woman told of a conversation that was 'overhead' between two older men. Part of the conversation included the statement that they had to get back to 'their space station'.

-- EMS - Emergency Broadcasting System hardware used to manipulate human behavior.

-- Suppression of information by MUFON and other large 'infiltrated' UFO organizations.

-- 'Crop Circle' phenomena in 27 countries.

-- Military test craft capable of mach 5 to 15.

-- The so-called 'Locust' or 'Preying Mantis' type entities seen with the saurian greys during encounters.

-- Strange underground drilling and mechanical noises heard under Sierra, California and throughout the Rocky Mountains, etc.

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