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UFO Chronology By Year

MUFON of Western Mass.

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April 1561

In Nurenburg Germany the sky sometime in the Morning was filled with over 200 objects containing cylindrical spheres and rapidly spinning disks


Villagers in Russia observed a strange Fiery ball of light in the daytime with a clear sky.

August 1883

Approximately 400 cigar shaped objects were observed in Zacatecas Mexico.

April 1897

An airship was observed leaving the ground with a heifer attached by a red rope.(proof of the first cattle mutilation?)

January 1934

Forty Reports a day were being registered of objects on the skies over Sweeden and Norway . These were to become known as “Ghost Rockets” They performed in complete silence and maneuvered in a way that was unknown at the time.

October 1938

Orsen Wells famous broadcast”War of The Worlds” was aired nationwide. This broadcast is seen by many to be the reason for withholding certain information from the general public concerning UFO’s. For fear of mass panic and general frenzy

February 25 1942

Los Angeles was blacked out due to a UFO Alert. 1200 air marshals were summoned to their posts. After all was over 1430 rounds of 12.8 pound anti aircraft shells were expelled with no direct or indirect hits. Many witnesses saw a large object stationary in the sky. Speeds reported varied from 60 miles an hour to 5 miles per second. The sighting was never satisfactory explained.

June 24 1947

A Pilot Kenneth Arnold reported 9 crescent shaped objects as “Saucers skipping across water” over mount Rainer in Washington State. This sighting is regarded as the beginning of the modern UFO era.

September 24 1947

The date given in the MJ-12 documents as being the official date for the formation of the group.(MJ-12) Also the date for the Truman Forrestal Memo.

September 23 1947

The Air Technical Intelligence Center sent a letter indicating concerning UFO’s that”The reported Phenomena is real”

July 2 1947

During a severe thunderstorm a craft crashed on a ranchers property in Roswell N.M. On July 8th The USAAF put out a press release stating “ USAAF Recovers a Flying Disk”. The next day the Govt. changed their story and said it was a mere weather balloon.

Dec 17 1947

The Us Air Force becomes a separate Branch of the Armed Services.

July 15 1947

Memo signed by the Director Of the FBI. J Edgar Hoover Memo signed by the Director Of the FBI. J Edgar Hoover showing his irritability at the bureaus inability to have access to the “recovered disks”.

January 22 1948

Project Sign was set up to investigate the UFO’s. The result was a report reportly dismissed by the Air Force head as incorrect called “Estimate of the Situation”. This said that the phenomena was of unearthly origin

unknown 1948

Captain Thomas Mantell flying a P-51 Mustang perished after chasing a UFO. His last words are that it was “Metallic and tremendous in size” The official explanation is that Mantell died from a lack of oxygen while chasing the planet Venus.

February 1949

Project Sign changed to Project Grudge.

November 21 1950

A Canadian Govnment memo of Wilbert Smith that stated (1) the matter is the most highly classified subject in the U.S. Government, rating higher even than the H-Bomb.(b) Flying saucers exists(c) Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush(d) The entire matter is considered by the U.S. authorities to be of tremendous significance”

September 1951

A UFO shaped like a Round saucer fley by March Air Force Base in California at approximately 50,000 feet. Two Air Force Jets were scrambled and vectored in toward the unidentified object by the tower. but the two F86’s could not reach the altitude of the object. Later four more aircraft were scrambled making a total of six aircraft in the air at the same time looking for the object. The altitude of the UFO was such that none of the pilots could reach the altitude of the object .

May 11 1950

In Oregon, Paul Trent took two photos of anomalous objects that are today possibly the best photographic evidence to support the existence of a nuts and bolts phenomena.

August 1951

The Lubbock lights were a v-shaped formation appearing over Lubbock Texas. They were photgraphed and a number of conclussions were reached like they were the underbellies of a certain kind of geese and other natural phenomena. Also sugessted was that the lights were fleets of flying saucers.

November 1951

Project Grudge became project Bluebook. The USAF official investigation into UFO’s.

March 1952

Project Grudge was changed to Project Blue Book. Project Bluebook continued until December1969

August 1 1952

A CIA official( the chief of CIA weapons and Equipment division) said in a memo” It is strongly urged... That no indication of CIA interest or concern reach the public” speaking about UFO’s.

July 19 1952

Seven Blips were detected near Andrew Air Force Base by Washington National Air port. The Blips were moving at 7000 mph at their fastest. They would stop suddenly and the acellerate again. A jet intercept was dispatched but nothing found. The incident fostered one of the biggest press conference in United State history.

November 1 1952

The Central Intelligence Agency is formed Approximately 4 months after the 1952 flyover of the Capital in Washington D.C.

July 1954

A memo discovered in the National Archives referred to as the Cutler Twinning Memo. This Memo indicates a change in the time of the MJ -12 Special Studies briefing. This is the only referense to MJ-12 in the National Archives.


August 1953

At Kinross air Base a UFO was detected on Radar and a F89C fighter was scrambled to intercept. As the aircraft converged on the unknown radar operators saw the two blips converge. Rumor persist today that the F89C was taken up or crashed into the UFO. The Govt. says that the unknown was a Royal Canadian C-47 transport.

January 1954

The Government of Canada was in the midst of their own UFO investigation. The name of the investigation was “Project Magnet”. The Government said that Magnet was a study to investigate” those phenomena resulting from unusual boundary conditions in the basic electro-magnetic theory” In documents associated with Project Magnet it seems that “we are faced with a substantial probability of the real existence of extraterrestrial vehicles”
August 1955

In Kelly near Hopkinsville over 8 adults over the age of 20 reported strange creatures outside their home. The witnesses fired at the entities and lated all left the area in a panic . They went straight to the local police and reported what had happened. The police later investigated and found only the bullet holes left by the panicked witnesses. Many explanations have been given from monkeys getting loose from a nearby circus to Religious hysteria.

October 1955

In an article in the New York Times General MacArthur said” The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other Planets”

April 24 1964

A Socorro New Mexico Policeman , Lonnie Zamora say two human like beings digging up soil samples. They stood beside what appeared to be an egg-shaped craft. Later the two humanoids entered their craft and it took of with a roar. Craft left landing traces and this incident is one of the best on record to validate the UFO phenomena as being a “Nuts and bolts” phenomena.

June 1965

In France Maurice Masse experiencedsomeone fooling around with his lavender plants in his field . He got up one morning and waited to see if he saw anything unusual. He saw what he thought was an experimental aircraft land on his property. Near the object appeared two figures. He felt these figures were not human. They were less than 4 feet tall dressed in a grey coverall and had large bald heads and a slit for a mouth.

October 1966

The University of Colorado sponsored the “ Condon Committee” This was the official study into seeing whether the continuing study of UFO’s had any scientific merit. They studied 60 cases and decided that any future study of the phenomena was of no scientific importance. This conclusion was fundamental in the closing of Project Blue Book in 1969.

October 1966

The University of Colorado sponsored the “ Condon Committee” This was the official study into seeing whether the continuing study of UFO’s had any scientific merit. They studied 60 cases and decided that any future study of the phenomena was of no scientific importance. This conclusion was fundamental in the closing of Project Blue Book in 1969.

March 1966

In Michigan a series of UFO reports were debunked by a Bluebook team claiming the objects seen were nothing but “swamp gas”.

December 3 1967

Police Officer Herbert Shirmer reported a Flying Disk in his official report. He was a Police Officer in Nebraska at the time and later recalled that he had a missing time episode. He wrote in his log entry for the day” Saw a FLYING SAUCER ”

November 1973

On October 18th 1993 an American Army Helicopter encountered a UFO over Mansfield Ohio. The Helicopter according to Cpt. Lawrence Coyne was in the vicinity of Mansfield when Coyne iniciated a descent from 2500 feet to 1700 feet to avoid a colision. They entire crew signed a statement indicating the anamolous nature of the encounter.

November 1975

Malmstrom Air Base in Montana experienced a series of strange encounters with UFO’s SAT teams reported a visual sighting of the object but when F-106’s were dispatched targets would turn off lights. When the F-106’s left objects would turn lights back on.

October 1976

In Iran an official document was discovered showing the apparent scrambling of two F-4’s to converge on a reported UFO. The UFO was sighted from ground observers as well as radar operators. When the F-4’s initiated a lock on target the aircraft experienced a power failure. The size of the radar return was that of a 707 tanker aircraft. Another object was ejected from the main object and l object. Later the crew saw another object leave the primary object and appear to land on the ground.

October 23 1978

China experienced probably one of the largest mass sightings. There were an estimated Million Chinese citizens located at Lintiao Air Base in Gansu Province who witnessed a flyby of UFO’s.

December 1978

A flight from Christchurch to Blenheim in New Zealand was the locality for a visual and radar sighting of unknown aerial activity. The objects apparently paced the Aircraft.

September 1980

Three security Policeman spotted an Unidentified object near the Manzano Weapons Storage Area.. It was in restricted Air Space. The Light travelled with great speed and stopped suddenly and appeared to hover in the sky. The object/light landed in Coyote Canyon. Later three witness observed the light take off.

April 25 1988

Senator Barry Goldwater in an article in the New Yorker Mag. Said the his friend General Curtis Le May told him and gave him “Holy Hell” Over continualling asking for access to the Blue Room at Wright Patterson Air Force Base


NASA states that they have signs of possible life on Mars after looking at a meteorite discovered in Antartica called ALH84001 contained possible fossils of primitive microbial extraterrestial life.

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