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UFOs Reported in Gobernador Ugarte Argentina

La Manana Newspaper - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 7/13/2004

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The UFO phenomenon in the region of Gobernador Ugarte, parish of 25 de Mayo, is ongoing. Strange lights and maneuvers were reported this past weekend. One worker told the strange story of how the lights on his truck turned on and off by themselves as he stopped at a local ranch.

**More sightings this weekend in Gobernador Ugarte***

The UFO phenomenon in the region of Gobernador Ugarte, parish of
25 de Mayo, is ongoing. Strange lights and maneuvers were
reported this past weekend. One worker told the strange story of
how the lights on his truck turned on and off by themselves as
he stopped at a local ranch. Some residents say this is quite
normal in the area while others express their fears.

LA MANANA spoke yesterday to Hector Labaronne, who has been
filming UFOs for some three years now with his family. The "La
Esperanza" ranch is where the greatest number of sightings and
ground prints have been reported in recent times. This family
possesses over five hours of video recordings of the lights and
objects that appear in the night skies. The signficance of these
events has led to the screening on August 16th at 20:00 hrs. in
the Sala Pablo Picasso of Capital Federal (Buenos Aires) of a 90
minute video of the Ugarte sightings.

- How long have you been recording UFOs?

More than three years now. The video to be shown in Buenos Aires
is part of the five hours we've recorded. Almost all of the
images are similar, except that some are on different days and

- How long since the last sighting?

We saw lights last night (Sunday), also on Saturday, and there
are some things that occur that are beyond the norm. For
example, last Friday, one of the rangers who lives in a shed had
a strange experience. At around 1 a.m., he saw a light, went
outside, and realized that his truck's lights were on. He went
to turn them off, but noticed that the pickup truck's lights
weren't on. The light went out in the meantime. He thought it
could be a loose wire and went to bed again. About an hour later
he woke up to find his lights were on. This happened four times
successively. He didn't go out after that because he was scared.
The next day he remarked about this event and some people told
him that there are "flying saucers" in the skies over this area,
or that strange lights are seen. He says that when he went to
bed, he could feel as though someone was running at the edge of
the shack. We still don't know what it is, but we're sure
there's something to it. This happened at the "La Esperanza"

- Are you accustomed to these strange happenings?

I see so many lights that we sometimes don't record them,
because they look like the ones we already have. What I always
want is to see what they are up close, which hasn't happened
yet. The closest [they came] was 300 meters. The best days are
when the sky is clear.

- Do people come to see this phenomenon?

There are many people who come to see this phenomenon and keep
doing it. We sometimes don't have any contact with them because
they seek the other locations. We always go to the same ranch.
The lights fly right over Ugarte--many people of that town are
seeing them. Since it is a normal occurrence, no one pays them
much attention. A low-flying red light 100 meters over Ugarte is
a normal thing.

- What time of year does this occur the most?

The colder it gets, the lower they fly. They can move some 30-40
centimeters over the ground. They don't leave traces. What we
see are lights and sometimes a solid object behind them, like a
suspended deep bowl. We've had them close, but when we get
closer they move away--that happens always. They don't come over
to where we are. They always avoid us.

- Are all the sightings in this area similar>?

Yes. Many people are afraid. Not me, because if they'd wanted to
do something to us, they would've done it already.

- What do you think about the presentation to be held in Buenos

It's great that this video should be presented in Capital
Federal, since it has some very good images. This phenomenon is
taking place everywhere. What happens here is that it occurs
more often. I don't know why they like this place. People from
Buenos Aires, La Plata, Cordoba- everywhere, have come to

The words of Hector Labaronne reflect what this family has
experienced in recent years along with other residents of
Ugarte. As this newspaper reported a few days ago, major UFO
researchers have visited Ugarte.

The Fundaci=F3n Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) has performed studies
in he area since July 4, 2002, when senior official Aragon=E9s
indicated that he had seen UFOs in the area. At this time the
national media drew attention to the cattle mutilations taking
place in different parts of the country, cases which also
occurred in Ugarte.

Research and eyewitness accounts have revealed sightings in
previous decades. In the 1950's, personnel from Estancia San
Jose del Socorro reported the surprising appearance of several
circular marks near a eucalyptus forest. In the summer of 1971,
a 12 year old boy witnessed the low-altitude flight of a strange
aerial artifact. In the mid 1990's a local resident claimed
having been taken aboard a spacecraft, providing details of his
experience and showing marks on his arms.

Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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