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Associated Press, Apr 24, 2007

Potentially habitable planet found outside solar system
For the first time astronomers have discovered a planet outside our solar system that is potentially habitable, with Earth-like temperatures, a find researchers described Tuesday as a big step in the search for "life in the universe." more...

Reuters, April 10, 2007

Signs of water seen on planet outside solar system
Evidence of water has been detected for the first time in a planet outside our solar system, an astronomer said on Tuesday, a tantalizing find for scientists eager to know whether life exists beyond Earth. more...

CP (Canadian Press), April 9, 2007

Annual Canadian UFO survey records 736 reported sightings last year
Aliens and spaceships are a bit passe these days, but 736 reported UFO sightings across Canada last year shows an "underlying, real phenomenon" going on, says one of the country's top UFO researchers. more...

The Economist, March 29, 2007

Witness Robert Taylor of Dechmont Woods, Scotland case passes
It was a “flying dome”, 20 feet wide, hovering above the grass. No sound came from the object, and it did not move. It seemed to be made of grey metal, shiny but rough, like emery paper. About half-way down it had a circular platform, like the brim of a hat, set with small propellers. There were darker areas on it that might have been portholes. more...

Washington Post, March 23, 2007

French Get a Look at Nation's UFO Files (Washington Post)
The material dates as far back as 1954. Over the next several months, the space agency will post it to enhance scientific research seeking to explain what the French government calls "unexplained aerospace phenomena." more...

AFP (Agence-France Press), Mar. 22, 2007

France opens secret government UFO files covering 50 years
France became the first country to open its files on UFOs Thursday when the national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings spanning five decades. more...

The Age (Australia), October 2, 2005

Academic throws light on 40-year-old UFO mystery
More than 200 students and staff from two schools watched as the object landed in a nearby paddock, lifted off and vanished. It was a low-flying, silver/grey shining object, either of classical flying saucer shape or close to it, "a cup turned upside down on a saucer". The UFO appears to have left a circle of scorched grass. more...

Brodie Fenlon, Toronto Sun (Toronto, Canada), September 15, 2005

Lights in the Sky: Hundreds of Canadians Report Seeing UFOs
Every year, in every corner of this country, hundreds of Canadians like Williams are seeing and reporting mysterious objects in the night sky. Glowing orange orbs. Delta-shaped wings. Silent cigar-shaped craft. Saucers and balls of coloured lights that hover, then move too quickly -- and in too many directions -- to be conventional aircraft, they claim. more...

The Nation (Bangkok, Thailand), Sept. 9, 2005

Villagers in Thailand see two-foot tall 'alien' (new photos added)
Villagers in Thailand claimed they witnessed an "alien" or extra-terrestrial being which appeared like a small-body man with large head and about 70 centimetres tall. Over 10 residents of Huay Nam Rak Village in Mae Jan district's Tambon Janjawa said they saw the ET today morning in a rice field outside the village. more...

John Ward, Macleans.ca - CP (Canadian Press), September 11, 2005

Former Canadian Defence Chief Takes Up Cause of UFOs
Paul Hellyer, onetime cabinet minister and a political chameleon who went through Liberal and Tory colours before founding two political parties of his own, has a new cause - UFOs. Hellyer is to be a featured speaker at a UFO conference in Toronto later this month and organizers are making much of his credentials as a former defence minister in the Pearson administration 40 years ago. more...

China Daily, September 9, 2005

UFO enthusiasts gather in Dalian, China for conference
"In Dalian's UFO Society, 90 per cent of the 400 members have college degrees. "It's exciting for us to use science to decipher UFO sightings," said Zhou Xiaoqiang, secretary-general of the Beijing UFO Society." more...

Kentucky New Era - August 20, 2005

Article on Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center
After a lifetime of studying what many brush off as science fiction, Peter Davenport is relatively certain of two things. First, that UFO's exist and have been witnessed on Earth, and second, that the government has known about them for decades. more...

Exeter News-Letter (Exeter, New Hampshire), July 26, 2005

Large Cigar-Shaped UFO in Exeter, New Hampshire

news.com.au - Australia, July 21, 2005

Australian Gov't Documents Reveal Unexplained UFO Sightings
SECRET documents released by the Northern Territory Government reveal a mass of UFO sightings across the Top End, many of them unexplained. The documents - declassified after 30 years under lock and key - detail a history of UFO activity across the Territory by a wide range of 'sighters', including RAAF crews and weather forecasters. more...

The Herald - Glasgow, Scotland (UK), July 25, 2005

UK Ministry of Defense Has Examined 15,000 UFO Sightings
THE Ministry of Defence has examined more than 15,000 alleged sightings of flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects over Britain since 1959 and is still keeping an open mind on the existence of aliens. more...

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

Rochester man studies UFOs with a historian's tools (Richard Dolan)
Richard Dolan has never seen a UFO. But he believes they are real. Don't roll your eyes. Richard Dolan has never seen a UFO. But he believes they are real. Don't roll your eyes. more...

New York Times

An ABC Documentary Lands in U.F.O. Territory
Mr. Jennings applies the same solemn, impassive tone he used to examine Christianity in his special report "Jesus and Paul: The Word and the Witness" last April. He does not try to prove or debunk the existence of U.F.O.'s. Instead, he handles Ufology, as he refers to it, like a religion whose followers are numerous and steadfast enough to merit respectful treatment. . more...

Washington Post

Jennings Explores ABCs of UFOs
Flying saucers and strange beings who have visited Earth aren't the typical topics reported by Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight." Jennings, whose new two-hour special tackles the subject of UFOs, admits he and his production team began the project with doubts and a dose of curiosity. more...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

What's on Peter Jennings' radar? The truth about UFOs
In the span of more than 40 years with ABC News, Peter Jennings has built one of the most respected reputations in television journalism. It probably will come as a surprise, then, to hear that urbane, sophisticated Jennings' next documentary chases down the truth about UFOs. As in, flying saucers and little green men. more...

DelmarvaNow (Delaware, US)

Strange aerial light is reported (Delaware, US)
When Teresa Alexander of Seaford drove to the Rehoboth Beach area with her husband to do some Black Friday holiday shopping, "they were not alone." Alexander said she and her spouse noticed a strange light which appeared to follow them for almost an hour Nov. 26. more...

Independent (UK)

Uncovered at last: the sightings of strange flying objects found in Britain's 'X-Files'
They contain Britain's very own X-Files: thousands of classified documents detailing credible observations of unidentified flying objects reported by RAF personnel, British Airways pilots and senior police officers. more...

Billy Cox, Florida Today

1952 Military Engagement With UFOs Myth Or Mystery?
In an account of a military engagement sure to leave critics scoffing, a UFO investigator claims more than a dozen U.S. Air Force jet fighters were destroyed by flying saucers on a single day in 1952. But not before their guns and rockets crippled several UFOs that wound up making emergency landings in rural West Virginia. more...

The Interior News, Smithers, B.C. (Canada)

The UFO Triangle Houston-Smithers-Terrace BC (Canada)
The sun's first rays were creeping into the morning sky September 22nd, when Beverly Evans saw a strange object in the sky heading towards her. Little more than a hundred meters from her car it changed direction, flying up and out of sight. more...

El Sol de Orizaba (Mexico) / Scott Corrales

UFO Over Orizaba & Cordoba Mexico
Unidentified flying objects were seen in the sky around 8:30 a.m. causing great expectation among residents of Orizaba and Cordoba. Hundreds of residents of the Cordoba-Orizaba area were witnesses to a seldom-seen spectacle. For several minutes, numerous unidentified flying objects were witnessed in the skies above. more...


Space pioneer Gordon Cooper dies: Cooper believed in UFO coverup
Gordon Cooper, one of the nation's first astronauts, died on Monday. He was 77. In his post-NASA career, Cooper became known as an outspoken believer in UFOs and charged that the government was covering up its knowledge of extraterrestrial activity. more...

Dallas Morning News

Military UFO video could be key to credibility in enthusiast's career (Jaime Maussan)
Jaime Maussan has spent the past decade collecting possible evidence of alien visits to Earth and maintains he has had personal contact with other "entities." And now Maussan says he has secured the most definitive proof yet of extraterrestrial visitors, and from an unlikely source: Mexico's super-secretive military. more...

Scott Davis / NewsChannel 3 (Phoenix, Arizona)

UFOs over the Estrella Mountains? (Arizona)
Some people are reporting a mysterious sighting of a string of lights in Valley (Arizona) skies last week. A NewsChannel 3 photographer spotted them, turned on his camera and captured on film the so-called "Estrella lights." more...

Scott Davis / NewsChannel 3 (Pheonix, Arizona)

Expert: Video of UFO lights in Mexico not fake
Well, the analysis is done and the conclusion on the Mexico 11? It's not a fake. The Mexico 11 is a video showing a number of mysterious lights in the skies over eastern Mexico. One of the world's foremost videotape analysts lives in Phoenix and says what you see in the video tape are unidentified flying objects. more...

La Manana Newspaper - Buenos Aires, Argentina

UFOs Reported in Gobernador Ugarte Argentina
The UFO phenomenon in the region of Gobernador Ugarte, parish of 25 de Mayo, is ongoing. Strange lights and maneuvers were reported this past weekend. One worker told the strange story of how the lights on his truck turned on and off by themselves as he stopped at a local ranch. more...

Diario "El Tribuno" de Salta - Argentina

Hundreds Witness Large UFO Over Argentina
Hundreds of people in Cachi's main square, among them artists participating in an art fair and were creating sculptures and paintings on site, saw a large unidentified flying object (UFO) that crossed the skies over Cachi on Thursday night. more...

The News, Durban, South Africa

UFO over Durban captured on video (South Africa)
Roshnie Naidu, of Phoenix, could not believe her eyes when she saw a huge, pulsating, colourful light in the sky. "It looked like a massive ball of light, much brighter than the sun, with blue and purple colours filtering through." more...

TurkishPress.com / Cihan News Agency, Turkey

UFOs Revisit Turkish Province Of Usak
Residents of the village of Güllübag in the province of Uşak have claimed that UFOs have been seen in the sky over their village. more...

Billy Cox, FloridayToday.com

Ronald Reagan's legacy goes well beyond this world
Tons of newsprint and airtime dedicated to Ronald Reagan's legacy this week, but -- surprise -- not word one about curiosity over unidentified flying objects. It'll be the same way when Jimmy Carter dies. more...

Agence France Presse (AFP)

Portuguese air force on alert over UFO sighting
The Portuguese airforce has been on alert since late Tuesday, when several authorities and witnesses reported seeing a luminous unidentified flying object. more...

Associated Press / The Daily Herald (Utah)

Utah: Photo Librarian Captures UFO on Film
To the naked eye, Tommy Woodard's digital photograph appears to be nothing more than a pretty picture of trees in Provo Canyon. But zoom in, he says, and the purple glow of a saucer hovering at an angle above the tree line starts to take shape. Woodard, 22, a photo librarian with the Utah Film Commission, took the photo that he believes represents an unidentified flying object. more...

Associated Press

Utah Photographer Thinks He Caught UFO On Film
To the naked eye, Tommy Woodard's digital photo appears to be nothing more than a pretty picture of trees in Provo Canyon, Utah. But zoom in, he says, and the purple glow of a saucer hovering at an angle above the tree line starts to take shape. more...

The Times of India

What is that up there? (India)
Are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) real or just a hoax? Following the recent UFO sightings by the Mexican air force, Delhi Times sifts through myth and reality and leaves you to pronounce the final verdict on ET and his kith and kin... more...

The Associated Press

Mexico military releases photos of alleged UFOs
Mexican air force pilots filmed 11 bright, rapidly moving objects in the skies that one specialist said proved the existence of UFOs, but defense officials said yesterday no conclusions had been reached about the objects' origins. more...

The Independent (UK)

Mexican air force captures invisible 'UFOs' on film
The Mexican air force has released video footage of unidentified flying objects picked up by an infrared camera as they whizzed around a surveillance plane, in scenes eerily reminiscent of a Hollywood alien invasion movie. more...

Associated Press

Mexico's defense secretary says military has formed no conclusions about flying objects filmed by Air Force
Mexican Defense Secretary Ricardo Vega Garcia said Wednesday the military had made no conclusions about a series of brightly lit, rapidly moving objects filmed by Air Force pilots earlier this year. more...

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