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May 27, 2004  -  Big Bear Mountain, CA, USA

Background Information / Description:

"Hallo, just found your Website. We were on a trip over Big Bear Mountain on 27 May 2004, California in a small Cessna plane, when we encountered this incredibla aircraft. I don't know if is something from the closeby military bases, but I managed to take picture of it. Unfortunetely only one, when we flew towards it (crazy, when I think about it now!), it dissapeared. I've attached several other images from the same series, maybe they contein something interesting, I think they're empty though. But I guess you guys have more sophisticated methods of image analysis than I do...? Anyhow, hope to find some other people who've seen the same thing. It appeared to be fairly large.. I can't wait to go back to California and look again! Unfortunately, being german doesn't make that an quick and easy trip..

Sincerely, Boris"


Second email from witness / photographer:

Hi, we wear taking a trip in a Cessna airplane, we took of of Big Bear airport and just flew around in the area a little bit. The landscape was stunning, as you can see on the fotos.. Thats why I had my camera ready, I was taking pictures the whole time..We were three person in the plane: the pilot, a friend and me. I was sitting in the back of the plane and saw the 'aircraft' last. My buddies saw it earlier and pointed it out to me. I was the only one with a camera thoug. I didn't see any movement, I looked away for a moment (fingering with my camera, all excited..) when I looked again it was gone. My friends said it dissapeared to the right (I think east) quite quickly. They told me, the shape of the xobject differered when seen from the side, making it a bit more longer, but didn't resemble any aircraft they knew (and they're both airplane geeks...). Other than that nothing happened, I'm afraid. Some info about myself: I'm 36 years old, live in Germany and was on vacation!
in California. I'm working as a manager in a small realestate company. My friend was a collegue from work. The pilot I don't know much about. His name was Jeff, I think. We chartered the plane back in Los Angeles and he came with it..

Oh, and of course you can add the picture to your (great!) library, if you like.


[Email and photos received on August 22, 2004]

Source / Credit: Boris Baumann / UFOEvidence.org

Photograph ID: 417 ID: 417

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