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UFO Case Report:

Man taken into craft, encounter with 3 beings

Date: January 4, 1975
Location: Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Carlos Alberto Diaz, a clerk in a central store, was walking home from work, when he was paralyzed after being blinded by a brilliant flash of light. Trying to resist, he was pulled off the ground and when about 3 meters off the ground he became unconscious... When Diaz regained consciousness he was inside a smooth, bright sphere which appeared to be semi-transparent plastic... Suddenly, Diaz reports, three creatures resembling humans came sliding into the sphere...

Artist's conception of Alberto Diaz' experience.

Carlos Alberto Diaz

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: CE3
Special Features/Characteristics: Physiological Effects, Abduction, Humanoid/Occupant, Witness Photo, Humming

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Carlos Alberto Diaz Was a Hoaxer

Banchs and Heiden, APRO Bulletin, Vol. 26 No. 2, Aug. 1977

Investigation by one of the authors (Roberto Enrique Banchs) for the Centro de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Inusuales (CEFAI) of Buenos Aires has shown that the Argentine abduction case [of Carlos Alberto Diaz] was a hoax, as the events could not have occurred as the witness claimed. R

Full Report / Article

Source: APRO Bulletin, Vol. 23 No. 5 (Mar 1975)

[NOTE: This case may be a hoax perpetrated by the witness. According to Jerome Clark, "an investigation by ufologist Roberto Enrique Banchs produced a wealth of evidence suggesting 'the events could not have occurred as the witness claimed.'" Please see the article listed above entitled "Carlos Alberto Diaz Was a Hoaxer".]

"Another Bahia Blanca Case"
APRO Bulletin, Vol. 23 No. 5 (Mar 1975)

This case is actually in the embryonic state — it has just come to our attention and has not been fully investigated to date. APRO is grateful to Field Investigator Jorge R. Martinez of Bahia Blanca, Argentina for the basic information bearing on this case and to Peter Romaniuk of the Institute Biophysica and Jane Thomas for the translation.

Carlos Alberto Diaz is a 28-year-old married man, father of one child and born in Ingeniero White, a district of Bahia Blanca, Province of Buenos Aries, Republic of Argentina. His work record indicates that since becoming an adult he was a clerk in a central store and for 6 years was employed in the mechanical traction section of Ingeniero White. During the past year he helped with the preparation of a football training school for the Huracan Club of Bahia Blanca and in his spare time augmented his income by working as a waiter at private parties.

On the morning of January 4, 1975 he was finishing his shift as a waiter in the Holy Protective Society of the Naposta District in Bahia Blanca. Outside the door he purchased a "La Nueva Provincia" (The Province News) newspaper, then caught the bus to go home. He got off the bus several blocks from his home and started walking. His route was through a large and desolate railroad yard. The sky was overcast so when a brilliant flash of light momentarily blinded him, he assumed it was merely lightning from the approaching storm. .Thunder did n ot follow, however, and he later described the light as not straight but "broken". After he regained his sight he was frightened and decided to run the rest of the way to his home which was now in sight but couldn't move — he seemed to have become paralyzed.

At that point Mr. Diaz heard a humming sound which he compared to the sound of rushing air or wind and his strange experience continued. Although he tried to resist, Dias was pulled off the ground and when about 3 meters (about 8 feet) off the ground he became unconscious. His vision faded before he fainted.

When Diaz regained consciousness he was inside a smooth, bright sphere which appeared to be semi-transparent plastic. There was no furniture or devices and the illumination seemed to come from the walls. Diaz said he was completely lucid and conscious, half kneeling and half lying on his side against several openings of about 3 centimeters in diameter (1-1/4 inches) in the bottom of the sphere through which issued air. He said he felt ill if he turned away from the openings and felt they served to keep him conscious. He estimated the "sphere" was 2-1/2 to 3 meters (about 7X8 feet) in diameter.

Suddenly, Diaz reports, three creatures resembling humans came sliding into the sphere. They appeared to be 1.75-1.80 meters in height (approximately 5 feet, 10 inches), their heads half the size of a human head and completely devoid of features - no ears, nose, mouth or eyes. The head was mossy green in color and the body which was rather thin, was covered with something Diaz defined as rubber - light cream colored and very soft and the creatures were completely hairless.

The arms were aimost straight and very flexible and ended in "stumps" rather than hands and fingers.

When the creatures came into the sphere, they immediately began pulling tufts of hair from Diaz's head. He didn't know how they did it, at first, not having hands or fingers, but each time they would reach out their arms would pull back and they would have some of his hair. This seemed to give them great pleasure for they would then jump up and down and wave their arms.

Diaz tried to resist the creatures but to no avail. During his struggles Diaz felt the softness of their bodies and ultimately noted they had "suckers" on their arms and assumed that was the method by which they removed the hair. One of them held him, another pulled his hair and the third apparently only observed. Diaz noted the fact that he felt no pain as they pulled at his hair, both on his head and chest. The creatures moved slowly but were very strong and seemingly tireless, he said.

After this ordeal was over, Diaz's sight began to wane gradually and he then fainted. He remembers nothing else of the experience.

Several hours went by and Diaz woke up and found himself lying on the grass and had to close his eyes as the sun was high and shining into them. He was fully recovered and conscious and near a large, busy highway. Diaz looked at his watch which had stopped at 3:50, the time he last noted before his experience began. Beside him was his bag containing his work clothes and the newspaper he had bought hours before. Diaz felt ill and this illness stayed with him throughout the day.

A man appeared driving a car on the adjacent highway which was 30 meters (about 100 feet) from Diaz's location. The man thought Diaz had been struck by a car and stopped. Upon hearing Diaz' explanation of what had happened to him, he offered to take him to the n e arest hospital (Railway Hospital), where they arrived 25 minutes later at 8:30 a.m. It was when he learned the time that Diaz became convinced that he had been abroad an aircraft of unknown origin and in the company of extraterrestrials.

For the next four days Diaz was confined to the Ferroviaro Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he was questioned and examined again and again by 46 different doctors. The hospital's Director informed the Federal Police who also questioned Diaz.

Diaz's wife and other relatives were notified by telephone at 9:20 a.m. They had been extremely worried because Mr. Diaz seldom arrived at home later than 4:00 or 4:30 a.m. They went to Buenos A i res that day, arriving at about midnight. It is 785 kilometers (423 miles) from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires.

The examination of Diaz yielded no evidence of physiological or psychological alteration in Diaz, except the illness described as dizziness, upset stomach, the lack of appetite and the missing hair. During the 5 th of January Diaz had only one cup of milk which had to be fed to him forcibly.

We are immediately struck by three similarities in the Higdon and Diaz cases, namely: in both instances, the "creatures" had no hands or fingers and in both cases the witnesses suffered a loss of appetite after the experience and lastly, the entities in both cases "glided" rather than walking.

As we have pointed out in this Bulletin in the past, we must consider the possibility of deliberate confusion in these cases of absolutely bizaare (to us) creatures and experiences. It seems likely in Higdon's case that he was under the influence (both he and his gun) of something when he went over the crest of that hill and saw the elk. In Diaz's case, he was rendered unconscious before his experience with the humanoids began. Was he also under some kind of influence? Obviously something unusual happened to him — the absence of hair in various spots on his head and chest attest to that. If we speculate that he pulled his own hair out, for whatever reason, we must then consider the fact that, outside of one interview with a magazine, he permitted no interviews with newspapers, radio or TV and was questioned by only one civilian UFO investigator — Mr. Romaniuk. He obviously did not thirst for publicity or motoriety. Then we have the problem of how he got from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires in a matter of 4 hours and 10 minutes — a distance of 423 miles. In the United States, traveling on the best of the roads and breaking speed limits, the best that could be done would be something over 5 hours. Diaz does not own a car. We can rule out cars and of course, buses. That leaves only air travel. Did Carlos Diaz get a flight from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires? This will have to be checked. We must also check to make certain that Diaz was on the job and left at 3:30 - as he claims. We must also verify that he was, in fact, on the city bus and did get off at a point a few blocks from his home.

There have been alleged cases of transportation of humans by UFOs in the past, but Carlos Diaz's alleged experience appears to be one of the most credible of them all. The investigation is on-going and if additional information if procured it will be contained in the "Follow-Up" column of the Bulletin.

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