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UFO Case Report:

Abduction by machine-like beings

Date: January 27, 1977
Location: Prospect, Kentucky, United States

Lee Parish, 19, experienced missing time after seeing a UFO. Through hypnosis, he recovered the lost memory of his experience aboard the ship. "Before him stood three objects which he instinctively felt or sensed were sentient beings, although they were definitely not human: a "black one," a "red one," and a "white one.""

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: 
Special Features/Characteristics: Abduction, Missing Time

Full Report / Article

Source: Carlo Ruekeri, APRO Bulletin, Vol. 25 No. 7 (Jan. 1977)

Investigators: Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert
Percipient: Lee Parrish
Date of sighting: 1-27-77, at 1:05 a.m.
Duration: 35 minutes


On January 27, 77, Don and I were contacted by Lawrence Allison, a hypnotist who was worked with us before on UFO-reiated cases. Mrs. Parrish, Lee's mother, had called Larry because she felt something unusual had happened to her son the previous night. Lee and his friend, Kathy Johnson, met with Larry and Don ind I at Larry's house that evening. Lee Parrish is 19, a high school graduate, employed by his family's firm, Parrish Supply, as a truck driver and all-around worker. He is a husky six-footer with a quiet, polite manner. He seemed to us to be of average intelligence, a common-sense type who was genuinely bothered about what had happened to him. His appearance was very neat, his dress casual.


Lee had been at Kathy's house and left just as a television program they had been watching was going off the air, which pinpointed his departure at just before ! a.m. He fed the dog on the way out and then got in his Jeepster, a 1970 model with a V6 engine, and headed for home, normally a 7-minute journey. The weather was cold and partly cloudy, with quite a bit of snow on the ground. However, the roads were relatively clear and there was no precipitation. He was driving west on Highway 329, heading toward U.S. 42 and perhaps four miles short of it, when he saw an object.

Lee first saw the object hovering just over the tree line, between !00 and 220 feet off the road and at an altitude of 100 to 150 feet. The object appeared to be about 10 feet tall and 40 feet long. Its shape appeared perfectly rectangular. Tht craft was the color of the setting sun, but much brighter. Lee felt a compulsion to look at it and was unabie to remove hi* gaze from it, but at the same time it was too bright to look at continually. He became very frightened and wanted to leave the area, but couldn't do it; he doesn't even remember how the car managed to stay on the road -- he wasn't driving it. About 15 seconds into the sighting, the car radio failed.

He continued watching the fire-colored UFO. It hovered until he was directly underneath it. Then, suddenly, it sped away, first at the speed of a jet, then very quickly, to the northwest. It had never made any sound. When Lee arrived home, his mother met him at the door and said "What's wrong with your eyes?" Lee looked in the mirror and saw that the whites were entirely bloodshot. There was considerable pain which continued, though to a lesser degree, that evening. He noticed that the time was 1:45 a.m., which meant that he'd been en route from Kathy's house for 45 minutes on a 7-minute trip. His mother confirms his arrival time home, and his girl friend confirms his departure time from her home.


Lee was somewhat anxious concerning his being a hypnotic subject, and so Don and Larry spent some time talking to him about hypnotic techniques and what he would be experiencing in mental states. Lee felt much reassured when he found that he would not be unable to control what happened to him, that he could ask to come out of hypnosis at any time, and that the hypnotists would not be tricking him as he had seen done at a party. After this discussion, he agreed to the hypnotic session, for he expressed a great deal of desire to find out what had happened to him during that missing time. Larry spent perhaps 40 minutes relaxing him, achieving the desired hypnotic state, and regressing Lee back to several childhood ages. Then, he brought Lee to the time of the sighting experience, told him to speak up without prompting, and just let him tell the story as it was happening to him. It was quite eerie for this observer to go through this extremely unusual sequence of events with Lee. Here is the story as he told it under hypnosis.

After he left Kathy's house, he saw the rectangular UFO and at first thought it was a fire. But he immediately rejected that hypothisis and became very scared, asking himself over and over, "What IS il?" His eyes hurt from looking at the bright red object, but he couldn't look away. Somehow, it was not moving, but had arrived at a position directly overhead. Daring this period he cannot remember driving the car, so it is unknown whether the craft had actually moved over the road or whether the car had entered the field, part of the flat land over which the UFO was hovering. He was increasingly frightened and kept repeating, "It's not moving." in a puzzled, frightened tone.

Then, suddenly, he could not see anything. A split second before that, the craft had changed color to black, then to white. Then he could see nothing and felt "something in his eyes." When he could see again, he was no longer in the jeep but in a circular, all-white room. He had no knowledge of the transition. The room was about 20 feet in diameter, with a ceiling about 20 feet high, although from the outside the ship had not looked nearly that high. The walls of the room were self-luminous.

Before him stood three objects which he instinctively felt or sensed were sentient beings, although they were definitely not human: a "black one," a "red one," and a "white one." The black one was on his left. It stood as high as the ceiling and was roughly the shape of an army silhouette target, jug-shaped, with a relatively small "head." It had a flat bottom and one "arm," a handless, one-jointed appendage. The arm was rough-skinned the rest of the entity rough in patches, smooth in patches. The head was featureless. It moved slowly to Lee and touched him on the left side and back, hurting him quite a bit and terrifying him. Throughout the regression, Lee kept repeating, "No, no, not the black one!" The sensation of the black one touching him was somehow cold and burning at the same time, and he felt as though he were vibrating.

The "red one" was on his right. It was about Lee's size or a little smaller, and rectangular in shape, like a "Coke machine." It had one arm or probe, unjointed and handless. Lee felt that the thing was scared and reluctant to touch him, but it, too, came slowly over and touched him on the shoulder and on the right temple, above the ear and within the hairline. This felt like a needle and stung briefly, but did not terrify Lee and did not hurt long. During this time, Lee felt quite cold. The whole ship seemed to be rocking like "a boat on the water," back and forth.

The white one was about six feet tall, Lee's height. It sat in the middle of the room, watching Lee. Its body was solid and blocky and its head square on the sides, quite flat in front. In profile, the head sloped towards the body at a 45-degree angle, with no features. The whole being glowed. It had arms, but did not use them, remaining stationary. Lee knew that it was the "ruler" of the other two.

The red one backed up after it had touched Lee and went together with the white one, either merging with it or going behind it, in which case Lee could not see it, since it was smaller than the white one. The red one had "done its job," and the white one started making a sound which Lee described as that of a person brushing his teeth or using sandpaper - a rhythmic scraping sound. The black one was backing up slowly at this point, also. Lee, who had been quite cold, found that he was now warm. Then the white one moved to the black one and either merged with it or went behind it, leaving only the 20-foot-tall black one there with Lee. Then the black one simply disappeared, and Lee was alone in the white room. He noticed that, perhaps due to the bouncing and rocking motion of the ship, he felt quite a bit heavier.

Under hypnosis, there was no transition time between his presence in the white room and his awareness of being back in the Jeepster. "There's the pond," he said, and went on to describe getting home, his eyes burning, his fright, and his mother's comments on his eyes. His sleep that night was poor, but not because of dreams; his eyes simply hurt a good deal, and were still hurting him at the session that night whenever he closed them.

Lee never used the word "telepathy" to explain how he knew what he knew about the machine-like beings -- for he knew quite a bit: that they were sentient, that the red one was scared, that the white one was the leader, and that it was thinking about him. When asked what he thought their purpose was in taking him on board, he replied that he felt they were checking out his "chemical makeup" and doing a physical checkup. They were curious about "the way that he was Lee." He felt, too, that they would be contacting him again.

The investigators were interested in he mechanism by which Lee was taken from and returned to the Jeepster, and so we asked him very carefully about the method of transport. Lee said that the red ship had "caught" the Jeep as he went underneath it, just like "a mousetrap waiting for a mouse." The Jeep was "not on the ship, not on the ground," suspended by some force. Lee was "transformed" (transported?) into and out of the ship without opening the door of the Jeep. When they put him back in the Jeep, it was still suspended, then he was back on the road and Lee saw the UFO departing. The radio continued not to work for the approximate five seconds it took the ship to disappear from Lee's view. Somehow, during the process, Lee's cigarette, which he was smoking when he first sighted the UFO, vanished completely. Lee felt that "they", whoever they were, had a sort of control over both him and the Jeep from the time he saw the UFO until it iefl, as he was never able to get away from the craft or move of his own volition while in the ship.

Interestingly enough, the electrical system of the Jeep went bad the day after the sighting and will need quite a bit of repair work.

There are two power lines which L along Rte. 329, the utility line ana telephone lines. The only body of water close by is a small pond. The land is flat farmland, the neighborhood quite rural.

After Lee was awakened from his hypnotic state, having been told he would remember everything very clearly, we asked him again about how the UFO had first come onto his line of vision. To the best of his ability, he can only determine that it materialized out of thin air, as the fields around him are flat, with no Kills to hide behind. When he first saw it, it was over a treeline. Dr. Burton Monroe, consultant to APRO in zoology, lives in Anchorage, Ky., a suburban community about four miles from the abduction site. He reported to us that at about 10:30 of that same evening January 26, a neighbor of his had heard her children screaming, run to her window, and seen a large, white disc-shaped object with a dome.

Lee said that he'd always been fairly interested in UFOs and, when he was in high school, had read at least one book, called, he thought, "UFO." He was interested in psychic phenomena, and had previously had some peculiar things happen to him. He told of willing an outdoor light to go on. It was unplugged at the time, but it mysteriously came on anyway.

This incident was attested to by Kalhy. Lee said he had seen UFOs several times prior to the January 27 sighting, but he was always with someone, and he felt that they wanted only him, and had known that he was alone that Wednesday night, and so chose that night to take him on board. Lee's mother had also seen several UFOs. Perhaps her most vivid sighting was of a nocturnal light that appeared behind the house making a noise "like a sewing machine going full throttle."

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