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UFO Case Report:

The Story that 48 Hours Missed

Date: March 20, 1994
Location: Mt. Popocatepetl , Mexico

CSETI allowed a crew from CBS's 48 Hours "news show" to accompany an RMIT, March 20, 1994 to show its audience CSETI, doing real-time research in an area of known UFO/ET activity at Mount Popocatepetl in central Mexico.

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: 
Special Features/Characteristics: Interaction/Reaction, Human-Initiated Contact

Full Report / Article

Source: Wayne Peterson

Background on the CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) Initiative by CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) (Director: Steven Greer, MD - Website: www.cseti.org):

Definition: CE-5 is a term describing a fifth category of close encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), characterized by mutual, bilateral communication rather than unilateral contact. The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI initiated. A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI. Evidence exists indicating that CE-5s have successfully occurred in the past, and the inevitable maturing of the human/ETI relationship requires greater research and outreach efforts into this possibility. While ultimate control of such contact and exchange will (and probably should) remain with the technologically more advanced intelligent life forms (i.e., ETI), this does not lessen the importance of conscientious, voluntary human initiatives, contact and follow-up to conventional CE-s types 1-4.

CSETI is the only worldwide effort to concentrate on putting trained teams of investigators into the field where 1) active waves of UFO activity are occurring, or 2) in an attempt to vector UFOs into a specific area for the purposes of initiating communication. Contact protocols include the use of light, sound, and thought. Thought - specifically consciousness - is the primary mode of initiating contact.


In 1992, Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and a team of researchers had an encounter with three craft forming an equilateral triangle in the night sky in response to the team's flashing and signaling of lights at Gulf Breeze, Florida. That summer in Alton Barnes, England, Dr. Greer and several members of the CSETI Rapid Mobilization Investigative Team (RMIT) witnessed a spectacular maneuver of a large circular ship from close range after spending most of the night in a rain-soaked field. In February of 1993, five members of CSETI, while in Mexico, saw a large triangular ship move within several hundred yards of them in a close hover and near landing, interacting with the team for over twenty minutes.

It is the assessment of CSETI, an international organization dedicated to establishing a worldwide, peaceful, citizens' diplomatic initiative with the people of our universe, that the overwhelming documented evidence and experience of its members suggests that the Earth is being visited by people of other worlds and it is time for the people of Earth to welcome them; not fear them, shoot at them or deny their existence. CSETI has more than twenty working groups worldwide engaging in ongoing field work to establish contact with ETI.

CSETI documents it's activities to help educate the people of Earth on the status of its mission. With this philosophy, CSETI allowed a crew from CBS's 48 Hours "news show" to accompany an RMIT, March 20, 1994 to show its audience CSETI, doing real-time research in an area of known UFO/ET activity at Mount Popocatepetl in central Mexico. Obviously CSETI could not guarantee to CBS that it would encounter ET spacecraft, but the hope CSETI had was that a significant event would occur, and an American network would come out of denial on this topic and report to its viewers the events as it saw them. CBS promised in return for accompanying CSETI on this mission, all raw film footage taken on this trip, as well as a copy of the 48 Hours program, shown April 21, to each member of the RMIT. As of June 15, CBS has not complied with its written agreement, and refuses to send any raw footage. Rather than let the 48 Hours presentation be "The Word" on the event in Mexico, I as a member of the CSETI RMIT am writing about the story that 48 Hours missed.

I received notice of the RMIT just one week before the event from Shari Adamiak, the CSETI RMIT coordinator. I flew to Mexico City March 19, meeting investigative team members Dr. Steven Greer, Shari Adamiak and Marty Keller. The 48 Hours crew consisting of a two-man camera crew, Russell and Percy, the assistant producer Claudia Douglas, and the reporter Harold Dow, met us in Mexico City.

On Sunday morning the two teams headed for Metepec, a small town at the foothills of Mount Popocatepetl, a simmering volcano that threatens Mexico City itself. The drive of over 100 miles took us around the volcano, through the city of Puebla and the town of Atlixco, to a lovely government run facility where we stayed in Metepec. This was the area a small team of five people, including Dr. Greer and Ms. Adamiak, experienced the 1993 contact with the triangle ship. Would we once again encounter such a craft, and interact with the people aboard it? Would they allow themselves to be filmed by a major network film crew? It didn't take long for us to find the answer.

The very first night, after finding a suitable viewing and landing site, we had an astounding event. We saw an amber light coming from our left, moving slowly to the West toward Mt. Popocatepetl. Marty signaled the nearby film crew to capture this event as Steve started signaling the craft with a high powered light and Shari and I watched the object through binoculars. I saw several white lights and a flashing red light. As it moved closer to our position, I could see that the white lights formed the corners of a triangle with a red light in the center. Then for us a most significant event occurred. All its lights went out, then one light flashed us brilliantly responding to our signaling. It flashed a second time and a third, with what we counted as six unequivocal flashes. A close encounter of the fifth kind (CE-5), which is a human initiated encounter with an Extraterrestrial Craft and its occupants, filmed by a US news crew who, containing their own excitement, captured the event with their high tech starlight camera. This event occurred at 11:45 p.m. When I had returned home, I reread the article in Unicus by Dr. Joe Burkes stating that the 1993 close encounter with a large triangular craft occurred at 11:45 p.m. Was this a coincidence, or was it their way of saying "Welcome back"?

The following day, Claudia and Harold Dow finally arrived, saying that they had to wait in Puebla for a day, because their rental car broke down. We wondered why they didn't catch a taxi from Puebla, since it was only about twenty miles away. We decided to spend the early afternoon at one of the restaurants in Atlimayaya, a small, rustic, friendly town at the foot of the volcano. While Harold Dow was interviewing Steven about CSETI, I had the opportunity to talk, with the help of an interpreter, to Antonio Lopez, one of the owners of this restaurant. Antonio told me that on the previous Friday at 8:00 p.m., feeling that a craft was nearby, he had led several customers to the rooftop of his restaurant to witness a bright, egg-shaped object fly over the valley, hover near the church steeple, fly to the other side of the valley and hover near the church in the next town. Mr. Lopez, the mayor of Atlimayaya, said that 90% of the people in his town have seen these craft over the past few years.He felt that they were not from earth. I asked him if he was afraid of them. He said that they have been in the area for years and no one has been harmed.

Tuesday evening we set up on a hill closer to the route of the ship we had seen the previous night. This night with Harold Dow I was part of the boarding party, prepared if the opportunity were to arise to have face-to-face contact with people from these ships. We were there not to see lights in the sky or view a spacecraft, but to meet the people of the crafts that have been flying over this area. After 11:30 p.m. we saw a craft similar to what we had seen the previous night. This time we were closer to its flight path. It first appeared to us as an amber light coming from our left. Through binoculars I could see that it had several white lights plus a red, pulsing light. After traversing some distance, it pivoted and reversed direction. It was maybe a mile or two from us, close to the ground, again violating Mexico laws. Just before it went behind the ridge, it signaled us once with a brilliant flash in response to our light work. Two CE-5's. We were astounded, and very hopeful that maybe we would have another close encounter that week. We were pleased that this was all filmed on high quality film by a professional crew with the starlight camera. Harold Dow was so impressed by the current activity that he called CBS, suggesting that they keep the camera crew with us the rest of the week. We cautioned him that although it was our assessment that these were actual CE-5 cases by extraterrestrial spacecraft, we were not close enough to the craft to see its structure, and we suggested that he have the film analyzed by experts of this type of phenomena to see if they could determine the structure of the craft. Harold wanted to film Steven interviewing local people about ovnis (UFOs). The previous Sunday we had commented about the clear daylight picture of a disk shaped craft on the cover of Mexico's OVNIS magazine. Harold decided to look around the restaurant to find someone who has had a sighting of a UFO. He found Dr. Antonio Rosas, a dentist from Atlixco, having lunch with his wife and two small children. Dr. Rosas was the person who took the photo that was on the cover of OVNIS magazine. Harold Dow was amazed at the coincidence of finding this person in a small restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon in a small town in Mexico. Dr. Rosas, truly a charming man, who fortunately for us could speak English, invited us and the entire crew to his house in Atlixco, ten miles from the restaurant. He not only had the wonderful copy of his photo, which he gave to us, but he also showed us the video that he took in 1991, of a triangular shaped craft, like the one we had seen the night before.

On the video, we could clearly see not only the 3 white lights in the shape of an equilateral triangle but also a light in the center. This video also shows the structure of the craft. Dr. Rosas gave us and 48-Hours a copy of his video. Why did 48-Hours refuse to tell about the confirmation of the previous nights' events? Why did they not show the high integrity and sincerity of the Mexican people who for this week told us their stories of the ovnis? This is the story that 48-Hours missed. It is the ongoing story of the wonderful people of Mexico and their willingness to share the tales of night and day sightings regularly occurring in their country. Why did they withhold this story from their viewers?

Wednesday night, we were on our own, as the 48-Hours crew traveled to Mexico City to interview Jaime Maussan, a journalist, who has gathered much video evidence of ovnis in Mexico. He has presented this evidence on his show, Mexico's 60 Minutes. In Mexico, even the government is open about the sightings of these spacecraft. However this day Mr. Maussan was not available due to the assassination of the prime presidential candidate in Mexico. We had a relatively quiet night on the prominent hill until Marty noticed two men burning weeds and bushes below us. We were not sure of the purpose of their activities and felt that the prudent choice was to quickly and quietly leave the site and get a good night's sleep.

Thursday night after scouting several potential sites, we returned to our initial site. We saw some unusual lights coming from the ground up the valley and determined that it must be the camera crew returning to find us. We vectored them to our location. At about midnight while Marty was talking with the camera crew, I heard a strange voice, seemingly trying to say something. I turned to look at Steve and he was looking at Shari saying "What was that?" We determined that the source of the sound was right behind Steve. It sounded much like a male voice, but no words made sense. This type of experience with sound has occurred with CSETI working groups and we take it as some form of contact. I soon layed back on this calm, peaceful night and fell asleep. At about 1:15 a.m. I was awakened from my snooze by a voice saying "One". I was laying flat on my back and synchronously saw a white, fast moving object streak through the zenith. At this time of night, the zenith is in the earth's shadow, therefore it was not a satellite. It covered the sky in about three seconds. No one else was able to track it, nor did anyone else hear "One". For me however it was a significant moment.

Friday was a breezy sunny day. The steam and sulfur clouds on the mountain peeks were blowing away from us, allowing us a clear view of the volcano's caldera. High Strangeness is a term J. Allen Hynek used to refer to unexplainable events associated with UFO sightings. These events may well have psychological as well as physical effects. But whatever the cause of these strange activities, they do happen. This day we could clearly see the 17,000 foot volcano, Mt. Ixtaccihuatl. Above the tree line, as clear as could be, was an imprint of commonly described form of an ETI. We recorded the form, I call the Guardian, on both video tape and still picture. We asked Paulino if he has ever seen this face before, and he was dumbfounded. He has never seen this before on the mountain. At about 16,000 feet this was the highest case of strangeness we have seen.

Marty had to leave our group Friday. We lost our translator. That evening our good friends from the restaurant, Paulino and Antonio, invited us to use their land. Shari found a wonderful spot, with a view of the valley where Antonio had a sighting the previous Friday, and a view of the rocky knoll that the neighboring landowner had a sighting three years earlier. That night people were celebrating at the church, shooting off fireworks. Antonio and Paulino, along with the restaurant's night watchman, who had been quite nervous about the OVNI presence in the area, joined us on the hill. Steve explained to them what we were doing and why we were doing it. When he finished I asked the watchman if he still feared the ETI. He stated in Spanish, "Not any more." That statement made the entire trip worthwhile for me. We all were finding the common ground.

Seeing activity at the knoll, we shined our light at it, getting unusual reflections. Steve grabbed me, and with the camera crew ran the quarter mile through brush to the foot of the knoll, spotting people with lights. They were either watching us or the fireworks. This is part of the process of real-time research. We are trying to make contact. We do not want to miss an opportunity that may arise. Therefore, when we see something interesting, we observe it more closely, monitoring it until it becomes obvious to all of us what it is. It is not who is right but what is true.

after this event we saw several people coming up the hill towards us. It was Dr. Rosas with several friends from Atlixco. Steve briefed them on what we do. They shared with us their stories of sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft. One man talked about seeing a fleet of fast moving craft moving like a swarm of bees about Mount Popocatepetl, then dive at full speed into the volcano (I later met a woman who saw the same type of activity). Then right after 11:30 p.m. we had another interesting appearance of a craft from the left. Moving very slowly, low to the ground, the object went behind the very same lava knoll that was earlier occupied by several people (as shown on the 48 Hour broadcast). Watching the flying object through the binoculars, I could see the separation of a white and red light. We watched it go behind the knoll, come to a notch on the knoll's right, and patiently waited for the ship to appear on the right side of the notch. Then someone exclaimed "Look to the left." It had again pivoted, dipped sideways, showing its belly with 3 white lights in the shape of an equilateral triangle and a red light in the center and two red lights in the rear of the craft. It had the same signature as the video of Dr. Rosas. This event filmed by the 48 Hour crew, was verified the next day for us by the cameraman Russell.

Saturday, our final night, we returned to the same site near the restaurant. It was another beautiful night. We again were visited by the Paulino and Antonio Lopez, when to our surprise they were followed by other people. We were joined by about 50 people from Puebla. They came with tents, coffee and more stories about spacecraft they have seen. It was wonderful to feel that we had integrated in this activity with the local people. In a very real sense we were the aliens learning to communicate and participate with the Mexican people. Steve spoke to them in his "Spenglish" about the principals of CSETI and our vision of the future with the people of Earth fully integrated with the galactic community.

We are not alone, just all-one...

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