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UFO Case Report:

The Fife Incident

Date: September 23, 1996
Location: Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

The three witnesses in the car became aware of a tremendously bright white light on the ground beside a group of trees. Also observed by them at this point was an immense bright blue glow which was shining up from the ground and out through the trees. [Then] events began to take a more dramatic turn, for whilst they were all captivated by these spinning lights, Mary suddenly became aware of figures silhouetted in the lights.

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: CE3
Special Features/Characteristics: Physiological Effects, Humanoid/Occupant

Full Report / Article

Source: Malcom Robinson, Flying Saucer Review
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By Malcolm Robinson, Strange Phenomena Investigations and FSR Consultant, Scotland

On the evening of 23rd September 1996, Mary Morrison (pseudonym), accompanied by her ten-year-old son, Peter and her friend, Jane, (pseudonyms), left their farmhouse to travel to a nearby town because they had run out of coffee. The time was around 8.05pm. On the way there, they observed a huge white stationary light in the sky. Initially they thought hat this was either an aircraft or a helicopter, but after a few seconds the bright light split into two. They stopped the car, got out, and were further amazed to see bright spotlights illuminating the ground before them. All three of them then observed a huge black triangular object with a number of red lights attached to it. After a few moments, it gradually drifted away and was lost to view.

On their journey back from the shop, they observed the same or a similar object again, but on this occasion it appeared to rush towards their car. Peter was so scared that he began to cry. This seemed to be conveyed to the object, for as soon as he started crying, it quickly departed. Although they were all shaken by the sighting, Mary and Jane were also intrigued. Back home they told Jane's daughter Susan about what they had seen. She thought that her mother and friend were having a joke with her and refused to believe them; however, after much persuasion, she decided to go out into the dark night with them to see if perhaps the thing was still there.

As the car was heading out to where they had had the initial UFO sighting, all of them in the car became aware of a tremendously bright white light on the ground beside a group of trees. Also observed by them at this point was an immense bright blue glow which was shining up from the ground and out through the trees. They likened it to a bright searchlight as it continued its spinning movements out through the trees.

In an effort to get closer, they decided to drive down a small winding road. Soon the blue spinning light was joined by other lights of red and green. Mary likened them to a laser light show and was actually moved to tears by them.


At this point, events began to take a more dramatic turn, for whilst they were all captivated by these spinning lights, Mary suddenly became aware of figures silhouetted in the lights --- small grey figures who were running around and appeared very busy picking up what looked like boxes or cubes, and also cylinders or canisters. Further back in the wood, she saw what looked like a dark triangular structure to and from which these small 'beings' were coming and going. But what really surprised Mary most was the sight of a very large 'being' who was of a different colour from the rest. This 'being' she said, was a sort of "tan brown"; he was standing a short distance away from the rest of these 'beings', as if he was in charge. Indeed, at one point, this large 'being' actually stretched down towards the ground and opened his right hand to 'something'. Then he straightened up and moved back towards the trees.

In the sky around this amazing spectacle, were hundreds upon hundreds of small star-like 'things' which were just hanging low down in the air. Suddenly a bright beam of light shone down from the sky and illuminated the road in front of them. At this, they all jumped back into the car and quickly sped away from the scene.

Arriving back at Jane's house, they told the latter's husband about what had happened. Unfortunately he had to go to work, but offered them the use of his binoculars should they wish to go out and look for these 'things' once again. Although all the witnesses were slightly shaken by these events, curiosity was getting the better of them, and they decided that they would indeed once more go out into the night to look for the 'beings' again.

Upon doing so, they once more observed many strange star-like 'things' hanging low down in the sky, and also an immensely bright white light near a transmitter which was flashing in a sequence of three. Further along the road, they pulled up and started to observe what resembled a 'squashed ball' elongated from top to bottom. It was a hot fiery orange colour with big irregular indentations in it, "It looked really shimmery" said Mary.

Not long after this, all the witnesses once more beheld small 'beings' in the woods. However, this time, events took a more alarming turn, for as the witnesses were observing these 'beings' in the woods, Mary noticed a blue 'mist' starting to come from the woods and into their direction.... Contained within this blue 'mist' were several small grey 'beings' who were not walking, but being 'propelled' towards them in the mist. That was it! They had seen enough. This was too much!

Mary and Jane and the two children dived into the car and sped away. However just before they left this amazing scene, Jane observed, out of the rear car window, a tremendous burst of intense blue light which lit up the whole area just like daylight. Amazingly, they then observed some bales of straw, which had been sitting in the farmer's field, somehow move towards their car, and just before they left, Susan (Jane's daughter) shouted "There is one standing grinning at me!" Arriving back at Jane's house they stayed up most of the night extremely shocked and amazed.


During the course of our SPI Investigation, we uncovered the fact that all the witnesses, (apart from young Peter) had strange bruises or discolourations on their bodies. Jane found two marks on her body; one was on her right buttock, the other one was underneath her right breast on her ribs. Susan (Jane's daughter) discovered a mark on her right shoulder; it was about four inches long and appeared roughly around a week after their sighting.


On Sunday, October 20, (a month after the incident), one of Mary's friends, along with her son, came to visit. She left her son and young Peter playing happily in the bedroom. However, things were soon to change, for a short while later, as Peter looked out of his bedroom window, he was surprised to see a small 'white being' "with lots of jagged teeth" looking straight at him. This 'being' was free-floating, and was not standing on top of the kitchen roof. He was too small for that. After a few seconds, this 'being' just simply floated straight upwards with ease, and was gone in seconds. According to Peter, his friend also saw this strange 'being'.

Later on that same night, Mary was on the phone to Garry Wood, a UFO researcher who had himself had a UFO experience. Just prior to the phone call, Mary had run a bath for her son. Mary was explaining to Garry about some recent strange events when all of a sudden she heard her boy screaming at the top of his voice, "Mummy, Mummy, come quick! please come quick!" Mary immediately threw down the phone in mid conversation and dashed up the stairs three at a time. She entered the bathroom and found her son in some distress.

After she had calmed him down, he explained that as he had entered the bathroom, he saw a small white 'being' standing next to the wash-hand basin and bath. This 'being' also had "a row of jagged teeth." He was small and thin and looked very pale. After Peter had screamed, this 'being' just simply vanished. Mary had to eventually sit outside the bathroom door while her son took his bath. Indeed he was still so frightened that she had to sleep beside him with the bedroom light left on throughout that night.


These are but some of the facts that SPI uncovered during our interview with Mary Morrison. My own personal opinion is that she is telling the truth, and I am convinced of her sincerity. SPI followed the normal Investigative procedures in an effort to try to find out if there were a rational explanation to account for this sighting. We wrote to many U.K. Airports asking them if they had any air traffic in the sky on that particular night (letters on file). They either replied that they did not, or that this particular area in Fife was outside their jurisdiction.

The Police were also notified to see if any members of the public had phoned to their station with similar accounts, but apparently no one had. And we eventually received a reply from the Ministry of Defence in London (a Miss Gaynor South) Secretariat (Air Staff, Nick Pope's old seat!!) who informed us and I quote:

"I have looked into the incident and have found that two Tornados were operating from RAF Marham between 8.00pm and midnight in the Fife area on the 23rd of September 1996. They were undertaking night-time low-level flying training. I have also checked through our sighting report files, and can confirm that no sightings were reported to the MOD for 23rd September 1996 from the Fife area."

Ah, "two Tornado jets" --- well that would explain it all, wouldn't it!! Obviously what the witnesses had seen that eventful night, was certainly not "two Tornado jets." SPI worked closely with two local Fife newspapers and, through them, we received a number of other reports from witnesses to unusual aerial activity in the skies above Fife, admittedly not all on that same night, but certainly of objects which, in the main, were black and were triangular.

© By Malcolm Robinson
Strange Phenomena Investigations and
FSR Consultant, Scotland.

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