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UFO Case Report:

Large disc-shaped object observed by two witnesses in Connecticut

Date: July 15, 1995
Location: Harwinton, Connecticut, United States

The witnesses (husband and wife) were driving back from fishing at a quarry in Harwinton when they observed a large metallic disk about 500 feet in diameter at an altitude of about 200 feet, from a distance of about a half mile, during daytime. The object was traveling 65-70 mph, and it passed smoothly over the road on a course approximately perpendicular to the road.

Computer simulation based on witness sketch - the simulation uses the estimated size, altitude, and distance. (credit: MUFON CT / Mark Cashman)

Sketch by the husband. This profile is considered by the investigators to be the definitive shape of the object. (credit: MUFON CT / Mark Cashman)

Left: The husband's drawing on the photograph of the site. Right: the wife's drawing. (credit: MUFON CT / Mark Cashman)

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: CE1
Shape of Object(s): Disc
# of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Witness Sketch, Silent

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Full Report / Article

Source: MUFON Connecticut / Mark Cashman, TemporalDoorway.com
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Two witnesses observe a large metallic disk about 500 feet in diameter at an altitude of about 200 feet, from a distance of about a half mile. The object is traveling 65-70 mph. The shadow of the object had previously crossed the road. A group of independent witnesses at another location did not observe the object. The combination of circumstances allow close constraints on the observation so that size, distance, altitude and speed can be estimated even without a triangulation.

Initial Report

About 3 or four years ago (1995-1996)- date uncertain, possibly July 4 - in the afternoon, about 2-3 PM, the witnesses (husband and wife) were driving back from fishing at a quarry in Harwinton (heading for the highway) (see below for location). They were going around 30 mph and saw a "huge thing over the road". It cast a shadow on the ground far ahead. The wife did not think it cast a shadow on a house past the object. She guessed it was a football-field sized object. It was a lens shaped disc, horizontal, silver-grey with a band of darker or black panels across the approximate vertical center of the upper half. She estimated 10-20 panels on the visible side. The object flew across the field of view and disappeared past the trees on the horizon. No problems with the vehicle were noticed. The witness believed that people having a party outside a white house on that road (to the R) past object must have seen it, but they never got up the nerve to check. They saw the people looking up and pointing after the object was gone. Witness seemed sincere, stressed desire for anonymity. Husband owns business and would not want to be publicly connected with a UFO sighting. Was relieved to tell the story. Said her and husband had discussed it with a few people who told them they were crazy or drunk, and finally they stopped talking about it, but it always bothered them. Witness was familiar with some aspects of UFO lore, including "missing time" (didn't have any).

Parts of first interview with the husband (by investigator #1):

The witnesses were a young couple in their thirties. The husband was a self-employed carpenter, schooled originally as a game warden (there was a hiring freeze on when he graduated (Ohio Department of Natural Resources?), so he ended up in construction). The wife was an emergency room nurse.

The witnesses had been fishing at a quarry which took water from a nearby river. They had left the quarry after fishing for an hour with little luck, and were driving down the road that leads directly from the quarry.

The husband observed what appeared to be a large shadow crossing the road. He looked up from the shadow and saw a large metallic disk over the trees to the left.

The witness reported that everything felt like slow motion. The object seemed to hover (though this may not be reliable because of the subjective time issue). The object passed slowly and smoothly over the road on a course approximately perpendicular to the road. The object's apparent size (closely matched between both witnesses) was about seven inches at a distance of two feet (prior to measurement, the witness estimated about 1 foot).The time taken to pass from initial appearance to disappearance behind the trees to the right was about 10-15 seconds. The object initially appeared to be no more than a hundred feet above the trees.

The witness stated that he believed that the object was the size of a jumbo jet, and was at very close range. The surface of the object was a non-specular slightly metallic grey ("battleship grey silvery", roughly similar to a silvery spray paint), and was apparently faceted (reminded the witness of stealth fighter geometry), with all facets of roughly the same size as the glass panes. There was no sound, and no flame or smoke. The trees were not affected by its passage. There was no sound, including any roaring or wind, or the sound it might make passing through the air. A band of what looked like panes of dark glass (like that on a skyscraper - not mirrored, but dark smoked) crossed the upper portion of the disk roughly halfway between the rim (the widest diameter of the disk) and the top of the dome. These facets were neither recessed nor protruding. The witness had grown up in Ohio and had seen blimps all the time. This object did not resemble a blimp.

Case ID: 785 edit: 785

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