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UFO Case Report:

Oscillating, orange cigar-shape object mesmerizes two young brothers

Date: January, 1997
Location: Crestview Subdivision, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Two brothers age 11 and 13 were sitting in their living room. While watching television, something caught the attention of the younger gentleman's eye. He was shocked to see an orange cigar shape with a yellow centre as depicted by his drawing below. The edges were well defined and there was a soft orange glow emanating around the object.

The above drawing was made by the younger brother originally on white paper. White pixels were replaced by black using a software program to better illustrate the actual sighting that occurred at night.

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: ND
Shape of Object(s): Cigar
# of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Children, Witness Sketch

Full Report / Article

Source: Martin Jasek (Yukon Report)
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This is the first of a series of sighting reports that are a result of the contacts made at the Yukon UFO Conference that was held on October 14, 2000. Minutes after Don Trudeau made his inspirational talk about his sighting of a Giant UFO, a young man came up to me and said that he would like to report his UFO sighting. He gave me a brief synopsis and contact information. I was pleased by his eagerness to report the incident and made contact with him the following weekend. Impressive was his ability to describe in great detail, the size, shape, inclination and motion of the object.

The Account

It was a weekend (on a Friday or Saturday) sometime in January of 1997. Two brothers age 11 and 13 were sitting in their living room. It was about 11 at night and they were awaiting the arrival of their parents. Their house is situated on a green belt facing west in Crestview Subdivision. The living room has a vaulted ceiling with windows facing the green belt, both just above floor level as well as in the vaulted portion of the house. The older brother was on the sofa closest to the window and the younger brother was on the opposite end of the living room, further from the windows.

While watching television, something caught the attention out of the corner of the younger gentleman's eye. Through the higher window near the top of the vaulted ceiling he noticed a glowing object. He was shocked to see an orange cigar shape with a yellow centre as depicted by his drawing below. The edges were well defined and there was a soft orange glow emanating around the object. He was in awe and at the same time terrified to say anything to his older brother who was watching television just metres away. "I thought my eyes were playing tricks at me", he said.

The object appeared to be moving slightly, back and forth with a very fluid type manner as depicted in the figure below. Its period of oscillation he estimated to be about 3 to 4 seconds. "It was pretty creepy" the young man remarked. Finally after about 20 minutes of being petrified he called out to his brother. His brother looked up at it through the window next to his sofa and saw it as well. Both boys watched it for another 5 minutes after which the UFO decreased its elevation and flew very quickly down through the valley in behind the trees at the back of their house. The object followed the valley to the north and the boys lost site of it past the edge of another window in the northwest corner of their house. As the UFO dove down through the valley the boys noted that it illuminated the trees with orange light.

The older brother was interviewed separately and stated that the object "hovered around, buzzed around" for a while. It was metallic looking and glowing orange-yellow. On its departure the object did a fast half circle and went up and behind the mountain towards the northwest, just over the top of the trees behind their house.

I spoke with the father, and he added that his sons were sure excited when they (the parents) got home that night. Shortly after the sighting the younger boy along with a friend of his formed a club that investigates paranormal phenomenon. The subject has fascinated him ever since.

Technical information:

When first sited by the younger brother, the UFO was about 40 degrees above the horizon and due west (Azimuth 270 degrees). The boys lost sight of the UFO at about Azimuth 320 (northwest) and low on the horizon. To the younger brother the object appeared to be about half the length of a pencil at arms length distance or at the very least slightly longer than the diameter of a full moon. To the older brother, the UFO appeared to be about half the diameter of a full moon. This may indicate that the UFO was closer when only the younger brother was watching, or perhaps may be attributable to their perception differences? The younger boy also mentioned that his brother also noticed a blue glow that he did not.

The younger brother remarked that much of the time the object appeared to be inclined by about 15 degrees from horizontal, sloping up left to right.

Case ID: 885 edit: 885

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