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UFO Case Report:

Witnesses report 'frisbee-shaped' object over Bennet Lake, Michigan

Date: November 21, 2003
Location: Bennett Lake, Michigan, United States

In the early morning hours of 21 November, 2003, Robert Williams and his mother Christine Williams, observed an extremely bright light hovering over Bennett Lake at an altitude of about 50-60 feet. As the object approached to within 250-300 yards of the witnesses, the intense white light began to dim, and both witnesses were able to make out a defined structure. They agreed that the object had a definite "frisbee" shape, and was complete with individual white lights around the perimeter.

Drawing of the object by one of the witnesses. (source: MUFON)

Classification & Features

Type of Case/Report: StandardCase
Hynek Classification: ND
Shape of Object(s): Disc
# of Witnesses: Multiple
Special Features/Characteristics: Body Lights, Animal Reaction, Witness Sketch

Full Report / Article

Source: MUFON (2004)

Date: 21 November 2003
Time: Between 0430 and 0500
Investigators: John Castle, MI State Section Director; Andrew Fisher, Field Investigator; & Melissa Fisher, Field Investigator Trainee.


In the early morning hours (about 0437) of 21 November, 2003, Robert Williams, 20, of Deerfield Township,MI, went to the back door of his and his mother's home to smoke. As he leaned out the sliding glass doors, he noticed an extremely bright white light out of the corner of his eye.

Robert stated that the light was "brighter than anything I'd ever seen," and was hovering over Bennett Lake at an estimated altitude of about 50-60 feet from the surface of the wetlands that are adjacent to his home. It was about the size of a fifty-cent piece held at arms length.

Robert watched this intense light for about 1-2 minutes before running to the bedroom where his mother, Chistine Williams, was sleeping, and excitedly asked her to come and see what he was looking at.

Christine, noticing the serious, but excited, tone of her son's voice, proceeded to the back deck area of their home. She was amazed at what she saw.

As Robert and Christine watched the object that they estimated to be about 500-600 yards away, they noticed that it remained motionless and continued to hover just below the treeline, even though the wind that morning was coming from the WSW at about 9 miles per hour.

They continued to watch this object for about another 2-3 minutes before it began to move in a straight Line from the NNW, where they originally observed it, to the WSW at an estimated speed of 5-7 MPH..

Since both witnesses had lived next to Selfridge Air Force Base prior to their move to Bennett Lake, they were accustomed to watching various aircraft taking off and landing at any given time.

Both witnesses stated that the object moved in a fashion that was unfamiliar and, in their estimation, far too slow to be a conventional aircraft.

As the object approached the small residential community and moved to within 250-300 yards of the witnesses, the intense white light began to dim, and both witnesses were able to make out a defined structure. They agreed that the object had a definite "frisbee" shape, and was complete with individual white lights around the perimeter.

Around the bottom of the "craft" were intense blue lights that appeared to swivel as the craft moved and lent a bright blue glow to the underside of the craft.

According to Christine, it appeared as though the craft was "sightseeing. " Robert reports that the craft appeared to be "looking for something."

Both witnesses were in agreement that the object moved in complete silence, and was close enough that, had it been a plane, the engine(s) would have "blown us back into the living room."

As the "craft' approached, Robert wanted to flash the back porch lights at the object to see what would happen, but Christine, being understandably apprehensive, refused to allow Robert to do this.

The witnesses continued to watch the "craft" for another 2-3 minutes before it was blocked from view by houses that sit across the small inlet from the Williams' back deck. These houses are about 230-300 yards from the witnesses' home.

Shortly after the object had gone from view, a large cargo type plane, traveling on the same flight path that the "craft" had taken (WSW), was seen and heard to fly over the exact area where the craft had been sighted, and was low enough to rattle the windows in the home of Robert and Christine.

Both witnesses state that this was highly unusual, as that type of aircraft had not been seen in that area at any time prior to the sighting. This may or may not be of relevance, since Bishop International Airport is located approximately 15 miles NE of the sighting area (Fhnt), and is capable of handling this type of aircraft.

Animal reactions

This area is a protected wetlands that covers several acres, and is directly adjacent to the home of Christine and Robert. This wetlands area surrounds the entire community located at Bennett Lake, and is constantly alive with different species of waterfowl and various other wildlife.

At the time of the sighting, there were no animal or bird sounds noted by the witnesses, and everything in the area was completely quiet.

Although it is believed that this would normally not be unusual for this time of day, both Christine And Robert noted that there wasn't any wildlife activity in the area for a 5-7 day period following the sighting.

Birds would not land, and normal animal sounds that are present at any given time of day were not evident.

Christine stated that even birds that normally flock to her birdfeeder would not approach the area.

Case ID: 919 edit: 919

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